Here are the 10 habits of couples that show they are in a happy relationship:

1. They help each other grow:  the most hurting thing in a relationship is when your partner takes no interest in your personal hopes and dreams. Happy couples shows interest in their partner’s career and hobbies.

2. They deal with confrontation: there is no fun in fights but also there is no point in delaying the inevitable. Happy couples admit immediately if they did anything wrong and give explanation.

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3. They don’t hold grudges: they know that mistakes or misbehavior can be done by anyone and there are various reasons behind that so they never keep grudges, which make them a couple with happy relationship.

4. They express love: we all know that ‘I love you’ is a powerful expression and it needed to be said daily. These three magical words will make your partner smile.


5. They care about each other’s day: it is easy to get caught up in our own life and forget all about our partner’s. It is the habit of a happy couple to ask their partner how was your day.

6. They embrace trust and avoid jealousy: jealousy is the reason of conflicts which a happy couple avoids.


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7. They find common ground: they always try to find common things between them which keep their relationship interesting.

8. They listen: don’t always wait for your turn to speak you are not on debate. Be mature and listen to your partner first calmly.


9. They compromise: they know that they can’t have everything they want so sometimes we have to compromise.

10.  They compliment each other: compliment is the thing which always keeps your relationship fresh and new.


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