You hear the name “Vaseline” and may think it only has a few uses, but this will make you miss out on one of the cheapest beauty remedies out there!

Below, you’ll find some unusual uses for Vaseline, and why this 140+ year-old product needs to become part of your daily routine. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to prevent and soothe chapped skin during harsh winter weather, we know we’ll be buying a jar Use it to mask split ends in-between trims, and soothe your skin after shaving! Some people even  apply Vaseline to the inside of light bulb sockets and glue bottles to prevent sticking—good old-fashioned petroleum jelly is one multitasking beauty product that doesn’t limit itself to the realm of beauty.

Keep reading to find out 13 more unexpected uses for this longtime medicine cabinet staple!

Never get lipstick on your teeth again! Put a little Vaseline on your teeth and keep them pearly white.  This is a technique often used by beauty contestants. Also use Vaseline as a lip balm, and even try adding some koolaid to make it a lip stain.


#14. As a lubricant or “lube”

Lastly, but not in the least, it is an old school form of lubrication used to reduce friction or to ease penetration during intercourse


By Jummy Ariyo

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