shameful oby

One cant help but feel a deep sense of  embarrassment by this picture.
I would have thought that Grand Dame Onyeka Onwenu would have a bit more integrity and self preservation than this. A few months ago, she was on several platforms side by side with GEJ and his wife Patience, denouncing Buhari and all he stands for. Here she is today – genuflecting and smiling like a school girl with a crush for the same Buhari in obeisance!!!!

Admittedly, we can’t be sure if Onyeka was invited to Aso Rock by the President or if she made an appointment to present herself in Buhari’s Court but one thing is certain, it must have taken quite a lot of bold hypocrisy for Onyeka to put on this embarrassing show for President Buhari judging by the things she had uttered about him in the not too distant past!

Next we shall be seeing Mama G Patience Ozukwor kneeling down in Aso Rock.

Already the Nollywood folks have started denying ever receiving any funds from Jonathan when not too long ago, scores of them donned matching tee shirts and mounted several  platforms and stages to sing his praises and pledge undying support for him!!!!!

Please read http://www.premiumtimesng.com/politics/188609-jonathan-govt-didnt-give-us-200m-nollywood-funds-bank-of-industry.html

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