The 5th Nigerian Events Awards (NEA) UK awards will take place on Sunday May 28 2017,
Organised by a team of London based Nigerian Event Organisers, the annual awards dinner will hold  at the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands..

The event, which was established with the primary objective of creating awareness of
the huge and fast growing Nigerian events industry in the UK, will see the organisers
presenting awards in 15 categories including a Special Recognition
Award to an industry personality who has showed longevity and great commitment to the industry.

NEA Organisrz.jpg
Co founded by Jummy “BaronessJ” Ariyo and Lady Vanessa Oluwole say “ The NEA UK
was also founded to celebrate and reward the talents, skills and professionalism of the men and women who work hard behind the scenes to produce the several private, social, corporate or public events that Nigerians in the UK are well known for.
According to the founders, “We discovered there was a need for greater cohesion among
Nigerian events practitioners as well as forming strategic alliances in order to raise the
standard of performance and bring credibility and quality to the UK Nigerian events industry.

This has been one of the great achievements of the NEA UK since it was launched 5 years
ago. The event served as a point of meeting and networking for industry practioners from all over London and the UK many who have now become firm partners and collaborators.
Standards have increased hugely in the industry and many NEA UK award winners have seen great impacts on their businesses including some of our colleagues being contracted for jobs abroad.

Participants at the NEA include marketing and promoting agencies, MCs, DJs, Venue decorators, Live Band Performers and event planners within the Nigerian diaspora community in the UK.

Past winners of the NEA. UK Special Recognition Award include world known DJ Abass and Cultural Icon Ayan De First.

Up for awards these year are Moelogo, the Nigerian artist, DJ Osa Jatt and DJ Mindthe Gap, Dazzlin Daizi MC and Marc Cun Comedian.

The NEA UK has now become the Industry’s big event that many look forward to and is a
permanent fixture in the Nigerian-UK social calendar drawing attendees from both within and outside of London.

The organisers of the NEA UK will also be launching the association for Nigerian Events Industry professionals in the United Kingdom.

The Association of Nigerian Events Professionals (ANEP) UK will
serve as an umbrella body for them andthat will regulate the guidelines under which businesses and individuals engaged within the industry will operate.

The Awards Dinner  will be hosted by multi award winning MC Posh along with co-host Goldiva Ola.
Music will be provided by celebrity DK Kashif Da Flash.

Other stars expected to perform at the glitzy event include Feyisara, Tosyne Tee, Comedian Obonjo and newcomers Montana B and D Mic
Event starts at 4pm and last until midnight,

Further information regarding the NEA UK can be obtained from

+44 7946 126561 or +44 7534 921310
Or by email to

You can also visit their website or find them  on Facebook/Nigerianevents Awardsuk








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