The three words “I love you” we say to our beloved mean a lot. They are full of feelings and emotions. We should say this kind of phrases more often, because expressing your true feelings toward someone special is truly important.

However, there are several other phrases, sentences, expressions and words that we should say to each other. Let us not forget that people whom we love cannot read our minds – they expect us to put our emotions into words. Here are a few other ways how you can express yourself.

1. “I trust you”
There is nothing as nice as hearing someone tell you they trust you. This is a good way of letting your beloved know that you care. Men love to compete. They hate being losers. But the problem is that they are sometimes sure they can solve any issue without anyone’s help. Why then not let your man be the leader in your relationship? Allow him to figure things out on his own. Tell him you trust him and know that he is strong enough to cope with all obstacles. It will only additionally motivate him to do his very best.


2. “I’m proud of you”
Letting someone know that you are proud of their achievements is really flattering. Acknowledge that your partner’s accomplishments mean a lot to you. Whether those results are small or big, just tell your beloved that you are proud of him. Completing one’s goals is a challenging task and we do need encouragement. All kinds of motivation additionally stimulate us to move forward. It costs nothing to say “I am proud of you” yet these words can turn the person’s world positively upside down.


3. “I believe in you”
This is another sentence that should be said by you more often. It sounds inspiring and motivates like nothing else. This phrase is especially helpful when your partner doubts himself and needs some psychological support from you. Be the motivator and your beloved will surely succeed in achieving his goals and dreams. Those goals can be small. Or you might find them unimportant. They can sound surreal and too hard to achieve. In either case be the person who inspires and helps to move forward no matter what.


4. “Thank you”
Be thankful for what your partner does for you. Being grateful is very important. Let your significant other know that you appreciate his efforts. It does not really matter how small the thing is. It can be doing laundry or shopping. It can be something bigger, such as repairing your bike or car. The point is to notice all those things that are done to make you happy. Do not take anything for granted – there are too many people who do not have anyone to take care of them.


5. “You are handsome”
You might at first think that this kind of expression is too shallow and primitive. We don’t judge books by their cover, do we? Well, the truth is that we do pay attention to people’s appearance. If you see that your man looks good, then why not tell him that he is attractive? Men need to know that they are desired. He might have his own style. Maybe he knows how to dress smartly. Finally, he probably goes to the gym and works out… Whatever your partner does to improve his looks it is a positive thing. So, be nice and tell him that he is good looking.


6. “You are so talented”
Talents and skills are all our strengths. How good is he at cooking? Maybe your man loves gardening or taking pictures while travelling? Or, which is even more important, he is a professional who knows his job better than anyone else! No doubt there are plenty of activities he is good at – that’s why you love that person. Acknowledge his talents and tell him that what he does makes you happy and means a lot to you.





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