With Valentine’s day just round the corner many couples will by now be racking their already over worked brains trying to work out what to do to make the day even more memorable than last year’s.

The truth is most  folks have forgotten or never really had any idea of how to be romantic. To many,  romance is the time when they have sex and a quick fumble under the sheets and even that for many couples, can be really quick, uneventful and soon over. A lot of couples particularly in my age group don’t know how to have a proper romantic evening in, in an entirely romantic ambiance without the woman spending all the time cooking and serving her husband while he sits back on the sofa watching the latest Arsenal V Chelsea match.

Bur romance should be an event to be enjoyed by both partners. It should be an event when the whole world is shut out and both partners focus on nothing and no one else but each other. Spending an evening with 20 other couple at some not so well organised Valentine’s ball is not my idea of romance. And going out for a movie and a meal  is so cliched and rather overdone. So predictable.

Well don’t fret.

BaronessJ has figured out the most perfect way to spend valentine’s day evening. This takes a bit of planning and won’t break the bank balance. An evening spent entirely and all alone with that special person in your life.

1 Make sure that you both have nothing else planned for the evening. Accept no invitations and plan to have a night in with absolutely no distractions.

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2 Send the kids off to the neighbours or to your single niece or friends (sorry) Be prepared to make it up to them in cash or in kind. Alternatively book yourselves in to a good hotel with room service.

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3 If staying at home, get in your favourite take away with Rose wine  (or the non alcoholic alternative if you don’t drink) You will also need some strawberries and melted chocolate. Also get some massage oils. Order room service in advance if you’re staying at a hotel.

romantic evening 

4 Get a selection of your favourite slow jams, rose petals and loads of scented candles for an absolutely complete romantic ambiance. Remember no tv, no Facebook, no distractions.  Switch your phones off or put them on silent.  You should both invest in some his and hers silk dressing gowns or kimono. You can choose either your bedroom, front room or hotel room for this romantic evening. Strew the rose petals all over the floor and or the bed.

5 Start the evening with a slow dance for about 10 minutes. You can get in some kissing or smooching but nothing else. There should be more than enough time for that later.  Ensure the music is on continuously. Not loud – just playing softly in the background. And no electric lighting. Only candles but please make sure you don’t get carried away and set your home or the hotel on fire!

red candles

6 Proceed to Dinner and some wine. Keep the chat flowing perhaps reminiscing on how you met and your early days as a couple. Don’t talk about anything or anyone else. This is just about you two.

After dinner, clear the plates away together. Rest a short while, listening to music or simply just chatting.

7 Take turns to give each other a foot rub. No hash jobs here. Take your time and pay serious attention to the job. It must be fairly well done. Not rushed. Take pleasure in waiting on your partner and pampering them with your hands. Remember to serve the partner that is being worked on with some of the strawberries and chocolate with a glass of wine on the side.

8 Afterwards, you both strip off your kimonos and again, take turns to give each other some deep massages. Touch each other all over just avoiding “those dangerous zones and bits”(wink, wink)

9 By now its very likely that you are both seriously in the mood for “other things” and both probably ready to explode….but it is important that both of you have received your feet rubs and massage before you take off.

10 After you have both worked on and serviced each other, the way is now clear to take things whichever way you want to. Remember, this is a romantic evening. No quickies, no rushing. Take is really slow and steady. Make a grand event of it!

After wards, you can feed each other some more strawberries and chocolate or ice cream. You can each play with dripping drops of melted chocolate or ice cream on one another and try licking off the “mess” You can also exchange your gifts at this point. Please make sure you’ve put in a lot of thought to what you are buying your partner. No kitchen utensils or winter scarves. Some men love naughty lingerie just as much as women……

Chat and smooch some more before falling  into a very deep relaxing Valentine Evening sleep in each other’s arms – if possible…..or simply take off again!





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