When a Brit-Nigerian politician stands up at a conference, in front of a multi racial gathering and summons the audacity to berate everything Nigerian (culture, parenting, faith/religious practices etc) that says a lot about that person, and brings to mind a number of words to describe them…


Our people need to remember that no matter how British your accent is, no matter how long you’ve lived in the UK (or anywhere in the West) no matter how engrained you are in the system, you are and will always be first and foremost

No race or culture is perfect…and no culture should be seen as superior.

Each culture – African, Asian or Western all have their weak and strong values which the peoples must be proud of. Issues of addressing the weak values within your culture must be attempted by re-educating or re-orienting the mindset of
the people of that particular culture within the “home-setting” but never ever in front of strangers or outsiders. It is tantamount to insulting your parents or your spouse in public.

I cringe with discomfort everytime a Nigerian comedian in front of a mainstream audience bases their entire material on their horrible upbringing in a Nigerian household. They paint the picture of their parents as loud, uneducated, backwards violent people who speak terrible English.  While all this could be true in certain cases, it is wrong for Nigerian comedians to pass the message that this is what every Nigerian parent is like!

And everytime I hear a fellow Nigerian say “why can’t we be like the Chinese or Indians?” I just want to scream and shout!! The only reason we believe the Indians or Chinese are perfect is because they won’t come to a Nigerian event or inter-racial gathering and start ranting about how terrible their people are. On the contrary, what they will do is tell you things that will make you think their people are the best on the planet!

And if not for tv soaps like Eastenders or Hollyoaks, many of us will still believe that Brits are clean, pure, blameless and angelic. But never will you hear of any British politician – even the gaffe prone Boris Johnson speak so negatively about his people at any international gathering.

Insulting the cultural practices of your own people before folks of other races or cultures will not make them accept or respect you. In fact they will trust you even less and be extra careful about accepting you in their midst.

If you can turn against your own people, what makes you think they won’t expect you to do the same to them down the line?


It is ok, perhaps even enlightened to respect and admire other cultures and traditions but NEVER EVER put down yours especially in the presence of others or to the preference of others’.

A popular Yoruba adage says “omo ale ni’ifi owo osi juwe ile baba e”

LITERAL TRANSLATION: Only a bastard will give directions to his father’s house with his left hand;

INTENDED MESSAGE: A bastard never speaks positively about his origin.

#RespectYourOrigin #BeProudOfYourCulture

Good morning my dear lovely friends.

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