AMERICA REDEFINES… II.. “StandBack and StandBy”

By Ivor Ekpe

IF there is ever a sign of an existential threat, it lays in that phrase above.

DONALD TRUMP had only ONE Strategy, if you can call it that, for the 1st Presidential Debate just ended, DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTION as asked.

A raucous debate, and I have staged many, FAILED on many fronts.

  1. Tried as he did, The Moderator came up short. One could probably understand as he was faced with a DONALD TRUMP who had no answers and sought to disrupt as much as he was allowed to.

  2. TRUMP evidently has Limited Vocabulary. The practiced words like ‘Phenomenal’, ‘Tremendously’, ‘Many’, married with ‘a lot of People’ filled the air amidst all the noise.

  3. TRUMP MUST think Americans are STUPID and UNEDUCATED.. I wonder what gives him that impression..

HOWEVER, embarrassing as this was, the most telling moment was when asked to condemn White Supremacist Groups and others, he released THE BOMBSHELL.

Shape it anyway you like, THAT is a glimpse of what Americans should prepare for.

Blame it on how this may be interpreted by any such groups, in a bid to deflect from TRUMP, these groups have had their GASLIGHT.

Like previous statements which have ‘encouraged’ such groups, do not be surprised if the next few weeks throws up MORE of what led to the Social Justice protests we have seen so far.

This begs the question. Is DONALD TRUMP and anyone else the SPONSOR of the increasing and yet-to-come RACE CLASHES?

Alarmist as it may seem to some, I for one would not be surprised.

QUESTION. Let us agree with DONALD TRUMP for a minute. He believes the Electoral Process is FRAUDULENT and RIGGED and FAULTY already, even BEFORE the elections.

THEREFORE, Will DONALD TRUMP accept a WIN, if he wins, facilitated by a FRAUDULENT, RIGGED and FAULTY Electoral process?

OR the SAME Electoral System will NO LONGER be FRAUDULENT, RIGGED and FAULTY as long as he wins?

VERY NIGERIAN. Somebody please check his DNA.

SO, I personally look forward to the VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE on the 8th of OCTOBER between the Sapiosexual’s DREAM GIRL versus DAMIEN’s GRANDAD..

This one was a mess.

“StandBack…StandBy’.. phew!

Such a great time to be in, and come from a Sh%#hole country.