An Indonesian aircraft with 54 people on board went missing on Sunday over the remote region of Papua, according to officials.

Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency, BASARNAS, reports that the search efforts for the missing Trigana Air Service flight had seen “zero outcome” and were temporarily suspended for the night due to darkness.

It said the aircraft was carrying 44 adults, five children and five crew when it went missing. All those on board are believed to be Indonesian.

The flight took off from Sentani Airport in Papua’s provincial capital of Jayapura after 2 p.m. local time en route to the city of Oksibil.

There were conflicting reports over when and how the plane last contact. One BASARNAS official told NBC News that the airliner lost contact at 2:55 p.m — before it was due to arrive.

However, local BASARNAS search and rescue officer Raymond Konstantin told NBC News that air traffic control said the plane last made contact at 3:21 local time — after it was due on the ground — saying it was unable to land due to poor visibility.

The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear.

Trigana is a small regional carrier based in Jakarta.

Jummy Ariyo (BaronessJ)

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