A human rights attorney representing Julian Assange reacts to Thursday’s news that various sexual assault charges against the WikiLeaks founder have been dropped, following the expiration of a five-year time limit. Carey Shenkman says it is ‘unacceptable’ that Assange has been detained for so long without a charge, and questions the motives of Swedish prosecutors.

However, Assange who has been taking refuge in the Equador Embassy in London is still unable to come out of hiding because he will be arrested “no matter what… because of the US,” Assange’s attorney tells RT.

Prosecutors have withdrawn two out of the four sex crime allegations against Assange as they had run out of time to charge him, according to Swedish law.

Another allegation against him will also expire within the next five days. The last one will remain in force for another five years.

Under these circumstances Sweden said it would speed up the investigation into the last remaining allegation of rape made against Assange in 2010.

Following the announcements from Sweden, Britain said it would officially declare a protest to the Ecuadorian government over its decision to grant asylum to the WikiLeaks founder, thus preventing his extradition to Sweden.

“Ecuador must recognize that its decision to harbor Mr Assange more than three years ago has prevented the proper course of justice,” British Foreign Office minister Hugo Swire said in a statement.

Baroness J

Augst 2015

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