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About religious hooligans, touts and bullies

Deborah the student who was stoned and burnt to death by islamic religious touts and hooligans over a voice note she left complaining about the course WhatsApp group being hijacked for religious posts and sermons, makes us think this kind of thing only happens with Islamic bullies.

As we have islamic bullies on WhatsApp groups, we also have christian ones.

The same kind of behavior commonly happens on alumni and community organisation groups turned into Christian preaching and sermon platforms where every other member is a pastor. And any member who dares raise an issue about these, while you are not stoned with physical stones or burnt with actual fire, the verbal & passive responses you get make you feel like you are being stoned and burnt!!!

As a matter of fact, this is a main reason why I limit my participation on my various WhatsApp groups includingmy University year group. The preaching on some of them are relentless! You can’t even call the people you spent 4 years in University with by their names anymore. It has to be Sister this, broda that🙄
By the time you visit in the morning, even as early as 7am, you are met with a barrage of sermons, preachings and religious videos! Some posted several times by different people!!!

And you don’t want to know how many times I see the daily morning tea🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

The only days you are spared is if it is someone’s birthday on the platform. And then of course, more prayers.

Now, in case anyone is planning a deliverance session for me, please be informed: I am a fully committed Christian, a believing and praying woman. I listen to sermons and teaching by various credible men/women of God that I chose on YouTube, Amazon podcasts and various websites – in my own time. My 1st genre music of choice is Gospel and should I choose to attend a church, I know where I can find plenty!!!!

There is a time and place for everything. A university alumni or course/professional/community group should not be religious. Let people set up separate fellowship groups for these purposes but remove religion from general groups.

I once heard an adult university graduate pompously declare, after reading a professional group for engineers’s rules about religious, political, pornographic & viral posts: “If I (pounding his chest) cannot post religious posts on this platform, it is not the place for me”


Religious bullying or passive religious aggression is not just an islamic thing. It cuts across the other religion as well!

May the soul of Deborah rest in peace and I pray that everyone complicit in the evil act is brought swiftly to justice.



More often than not, we see bad people go about wrecking, milking, damaging and pillaging nations, leaving the citizens battered and impoverished … because the good ones stand by, do nothing or blame the victims for being too stupid to allow themselves to be so recklessly used. Or for voting them into power to lead them.

Or they join the bad ones in perpetuating their evil enterprise after seeing them become enriched and powerful from their wicked actions and atrocities…

And this also applies in men-women relationships.

Some good men will see ladies that they like. But they are too timid, too afraid and too cowardly to approach them. They sit, or stand by and look, while these ladies are constantly charmed, gaslighted and then left battered, bruised and broken by fast and loose bad boys.

I must hasten to add that not all bad boys treat their woman badly. Some of them go all the way with their women and treat them like Queens.

But the lily-livered “good boys” will remain in their shadows spouting out hypocritical holier-than-thou criticisms against the women and blame them for the actions of their tormentors:

“Serves her right for “running after him”
“Serves her right for not looking at someone like me”
“Women only love money”

.. and such nonsense 🙄

The fact is women will go with someone who approaches, charms and convinces them – even if they are being lied to or deceived. (there is usually no way if telling until it is too late) Many decent women will never chase a man no matter how attracted they are to him. Although the clever ones will give “come and get me” signals and hints, hoping the object of their desire is intelligent enough to decode.

The uninitiated men will look at a woman’s outward appearance such as sense of style, elegance and sophistication, beauty and class and quickly rule themselves out of her league.

Such men will take one look at a woman and make up her mind for her:

“She is too beautiful. Many men will like her”
“She is too successful, she won’t have time for me”
“She frightens men off”

All these without even once approaching and getting to know her, knowing how she feels or even telling her his intentions!!!

And while they are pitifully crying into their glass of Origin, making pathetic excuses on her behalf, awon Yoruba or Igbo d*m*ns have swooped and landed!!!

The Tonto Dikeh case is a very good example. There will most certainly be many seemingly “lower classed” men who will be great for the lady. But insecurity, timidity and inferiority complex will make them stand back and watch the likes of kpopokripohofo destroy and break her.

And of course, many of her critics are – you get it: MEN!

My dear lovely brothers. I beg you. Quit being timid and insecure already.
Man up. Develop your balls. Grow real hairs on your chest and eat proper meat as real men.

Be bold and brave. And nice.

And rescue your sisters out of the hands of Bad Boys!

The world of women wait in hopeful anticipation of the revelation of Good Men.



Labour Calls For Investigation Into Allegations Against SARS

The UK Labour party is also calling for “independent investigations into the allegations against Nigeria’s SARS units, as well as military, security and policing forces responsible for attacks on protesters, that could lead to targeted Magnitsky-style sanctions against responsible individuals”, Osamor tweeted on Tuesday.

At a debate in parliament on Monday night, MPs pressed the government to adopt “individualised sanctions such as travel bans and asset freezes” against individuals accused of abuses.

After initially stating that Sars officers had not received UK support, the UK minister for Africa, James Duddridge, said the unit had received “strategic assistance” and training alongside personnel from the wider Nigerian police force as part of a programme that ran from 2016 to March this year.

Osamor, who heads the Commons all-party parliamentary group on Nigeria, said: “The government now needs to come clean and explain how and why that funding took place in the first place. They owe it to the many who have been killed by Sars units to explain who made the decision to fund those units and why.”

There were “serious concerns about the level of oversight attached to government funding in this area”, she added. “Amnesty International and several other international human rights organisations have been very clear that Sars have been directly involved in extrajudicial killings, torture and corruption. The UK government either knew that and decided it would fund Sars anyway or didn’t know where UK funding was going.”

A UK Foreign Office spokesperson said: “It is important that the police in Nigeria respect human rights. We have been working with Nigeria to support reforms to ensure this happens”.


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By Ope Okulaja

Foreign Leaders Finally Respond To Lekki Massacre

Following the protests in Nigeria against police brutality and the shooting allegations of protesters by soldiers of The Nigerian Army, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has made the below statement.

Following the protests in Nigeria against police brutality and the allegations of the deaths of protesters, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said:

I am deeply concerned by the recent violence and continued clashes in Nigeria, and am alarmed by widespread reports of civilian deaths.

We call for an end to violence. The Nigerian government must urgently investigate reports of brutality at the hands of the security forces and hold those responsible to account.

COVID 19 Palliative Items found hoarded in Oba of Lagos’ Palace

Tons of palliative items such as thousands of bags of rice, cartons of noodles and other such items were found in several stacks in a storage unit at the palace of the Oba of Lagos HRH Rilwan Akiola.

The hoard was revealed after hoodlums raided and attacked the palace following the #EndSARS protest that had rocked the State.

Following the shooting by soldiers from the Nigerian army of peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate on Tuesday hoodlums went amok across the state attacking and setting fire to several centres of commerce and media houses in Lagos. TVC TV station and the building housing Nation publications were set ablaze. Also attacked were the NPA building and the Oriental Hotel in Lekki. Several police stations and banks were also destroyed by arson attacks

There is no time like the present to rethink fundings for institutions of higher learning – Femi Gbajabiamila

The speaker of the Nigerian Federal House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila has spoken of the great and pressing need to rethink Government spending on the country’s educational institutions.The speaker made this statement while addressing the house during the first session after the resumption of legislative proceedings. He reiterated the need to return the nation’s institutions of higher learning to citadels of superior education.

He further promised to address the issue of police brutality with the drafting of new legislation that enables systems to hold erring police officers to account for their conduct in the performance of their duties.Gbajabiamila also told the House that the 2021 budget will not be signed off unless adequate funding is made for education and for police.While conceding that steps taken so far by the government have not been sufficient to satisfy the demands of the agitators, he said the protesters have raised their voices for a righteous cause and those voices have been heard. He called on them to move their agitations from the chaos of the streets to a round table for discussions on the way forward and asked them to not allow the protests to be hijacked by troublemakers seeking to cause chaos.This statement will some a level of victory for the #EndSARS protesters as some of the points listed in their demands presented to the federal government were addressed in the Speaker’s statement. Nevertheless it remains to be seen if the government is serious and honest enough to actually carry out their various commitments and address all of the demand made by the agitators.

Sanwoolu declares 24hrs curfew in Lagos State from 4pm today

Meanwhile the Lagos State Government Babajide Sanwoolu has declared a 24 hour curfew throughout the state. This the Governor said was to prevent the breakdown into anarchy and chaos, and to prevent further threats to life and property as a result of the ongoing Endasars Protest.He expressed his concern that the peaceful demonstrations have been hijacked by criminals and miscreants who are hiding under the protests to unleash mayhem on the state.There have been several acts of arson, looting and attacks throughout the state and a few police stations around Lagos have been set on fire.