On the last edition of my radio show “Baroness J’s World on Naijafm” which coincided with the International Women’s Day, I compiled a list of 10 Inspirational women from our community and honoured them with Baroness J’s Inspirational Women Award – as my way of celebrating the day.

Although our community is highly blessed with numerous strong, hardworking, focused and highly talented women, I wanted to highlight the 10 who have caught my attention and impressed me the most .

I chose women from across different fields of endeavour and who have been caught in all kinds of situations but have emerged with their grace and dignity intact.

These women have been found to be encouragers and supporters of other women and have not shied away from looking back and offering a helping hand to other women or other individuals to find their way up.


ELLEN THOMAS: Eastender’s actress.Although an bbc accomplished mainstream actor, she unlike many other BritAfricans in the mainstream, has not shied away from identifying with the Diasporan community particularly the Nigerian community despite not being of Nigerian origin.

DIANNE ABBOT: First Female Black MPand MP for Stoke Newington, London. For selfless engagement with Diaspora community. She is a strong advocate and campaigner for BAME women causes.

DAIZY FINI. Top entertainer. For carrying on with dignified self control in face of brutal social media trolling and harassment.

SEYI OLUWAMAYOWA. Breast Cancer survivor. For campaigning for awareness of the disease while bravely fighting and undergoing gruelling treatment.

RONKE ALLI UDOFIA: Community leader. Youth empowerment advocate.The first female candidate for CANUK chairmanship and former Chairperson of UK Black Lawyers Association.

SEUN OKE: Life coach; author, young girls mentor. works with several London Boroughs and schools to deliver awareness of the benefits of young women’s empowerment.

OLUYEMISI AIYEGBUSI: Top entrepreneur. CEO OluOlu Foods. Strong Community initiatives supporter.

JENNIFER OKAFOR: Top lawyer, women’s leader and Diaspora women’s rights advocate. Founder and President of Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Forum.

MAVIS AMANKWAH: Life coach, author, entrepreneur small business advisor. Top influential black woman in the UK

PRINCESS ABIKE ADE: CEO Alike Ade Foundation. For selfless  Charity work with the homeless, imprisoned, the displaced and the elderly.

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