There is a certain age you get to and you are able to decide, “Heck, I don’t care what people say. This is about me – and this shit just ain’t working FOR ME” (pardon my language but we are being RAW AND HONEST here)
How many more years are left for us especially those of us in our 50s that we will fester and rot in the toxicity of a baaad relationship? Middle/old age is about retirement in peace and blissful rest. Not in depression, bitterness and hate! Getting stuck in the wrong relationship because of some false sake of “stability” is not smart. It is stupid and unhealthy!
Work hard and do all you can to make your relationship what you BOTH want it to be. However, this does not always work, and some people are not always willing to put in the required effort leaving their partner miserable, unhappy, unloved and unfulfilled..
Must you continue to live your life in such unhappiness?
Would you stay in the same job where you are faced with daily bullying and harassment? Hell No!
Why then would people consider remaining in a relationship where each day is a battle?
Stay single… and enjoy your own space and peace of mind – in the serene comfort of your own solitude….
Or try out different relationships till you find the one that really works and mutually benefits both of you, and you can live out the rest of your lives together in peace and happiness. But do not get stuck in the wrong one!
Old age comes with its own health issues. Do you want to be a pensioner with cardiovascular heart problems, diabetes, early Alzheimers disease…..and domestic abuse/mental torture??
I don tink so! (In Gina Yashere’s voice)
I recently read of a man in his 90s divorcing his wife of over 70 years??? That’s right – I am as confused as you are.
But that is what happens when you put up with the wrong partner! You go and do something as unbelievable as filling for divorce when your life is almost over – after living most of it in misery.
Do not be a martyr. If you died and God asked you what you did with your life – would you tell Him you spent it being sad, miserable and depressed in a bad romance? How does that even glorify your maker??
Don’t stay put in a toxic relationship. Get OUT!!!
©Baroness J

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