Best things in life are not free!

When something carries a FREE price tag – BEWARE! I know Janet Jackson sang “Best things in life are free”  But that was 2 decades ago.

Nowadays “FREE” is the next step down from BOGOF (buy one get one free) Imagine sales at Next of any of those stores – that turn normally mild mannered humans into their jungle dwelling cousins. People have been known to get stampeeded to death in January sales rush and many leave home dressed prim and proper, only to return looking like they’ve only just managed to survive being dragged underneath a Jubilee line train! But at least in sales, you still do have to pay – even if it is a pound. Imagine then when something carries the price tag of FREE… it catches your attention instantly and you are drawn and attracted to it like a rapist to a naked woman. As you are attracted by FREE,  so are thousands more. Afterall, who no wan awoof?!? Even those living in the land of the dumb, blind, deaf and stupid – know that folks would rather have it for free than pay – especially Africans – particularly Nigerians!! Only a Naija would haggle a £500 price tag down to £50!! Next stop of course – you know it £0!!!

Usualy when you give something out you expect something in return – or you just get lumbered with crappy trash. That is usually what you get when you are offered something for nothing. CRAP, COMMON, CLASSLESS & VALUELESS.

Friends, if you want something decent, then you must pay for it. Even before you can obtain Gods grace, you must be suitably positioned to receive it. Thousands of freeloaders will run after the same free stuff you are – and then you find yourself in the middle of a free for all, disorganised, chaotic, unorganised assylum.

If it don’t cost nuffin, it ain’t worth jack.

Jummy Ariyo

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