Birmingham Could Join Cities Headed For Second Lockdown As COVID 19 Cases Rise

The steady rise in the cases of Coronavius infections in Birmingham has given cause to believe the city could be heading for a second lockdown.

The NHS will be releasing an updated ‘watch list’ listing the parts of the country where coronavirus infection rates are giving the most cause for concern on Thursday and for the first time since lockdown restrictions began to ease, Birmingham is expected to be on it.

The city has passes neighbouring Sandwell, which is also troubled by a series of workplace-linked outbreaks, to claim its place on this abject ‘top 20’.

It’s a worrying position to be in – but what does it mean? Is a local lockdown imminent? Is infection and illness rife in our communities?

Public health experts are being questioned about what was going on, and what was being done about it especially in protecting the most vulnerable, which is always the primary concern for health officials.

Care homes are been asked to ‘lock down’ again and care home bosses across the city have been asked to ban visitors again in light of the increase in cases in the community.

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