Brother Of Fatal Shooting Victim Jailed For Carrying Gun For Protection

A brother of a murder victim who was known as the ‘King of Lee Bank’ has been jailed for six years after carrying a loaded gun for protection.

Andre Sargeant carried the weapon after the fatal shooting of his brother – father-of-eight Anthony – in August last year, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

The 21-year-old, of Rickman Drive, Lee Bank, dumped a bag containing a converted Italian self-loading pistol with a bullet in the breach as he was being chased by police officers on October 2.

Six more bullets were found in the bag, said Lynette McClemment, prosecuting.

Sargeant was arrested and later admitted possessing a firearm and possessing ammunition.

The court heard he carried the weapon for protection after 33-year-old Anthony suffered fatal injuries in a shooting outside his mother’s home in Rickman Drive on August 25.

Andre, who was wanted by police on a warrant, was spotted by officers sitting in a McDonalds restaurant with a friend in the city.

A dog handler and firearms officers were called but when Sargeant saw the dog, he ran off.

He was chased across Belgrave Middleway and waste ground and was seen throwing away a bag he had across his shoulder.

Officers later recovered it from beneath a car.

Graham Henson, defending, said in June last year someone had tried to murder Sargeant by stabbing him in his legs and stomach.

The following month a gun had been fired at the family home while on August 25 his brother was fatally shot.

He had later been issued with a threat to life notice by the police.

Mr Henson said: “He was carrying it to protect himself. On any view you take, his family have been through a tragic last 12 months.

“It is a tragedy he still cannot come to terms with.

“He may have dealt in drugs in the past but he has no gang involvement.”

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