President Buhari yesterday, gave another indication yet of his determination of probing and bringing to justice everyone guilty of and complacent in the rampant looting of the nation’s treasury during the tenure of the past administration under Goodluck Jonathan.

This came yesterday during a meeting he had at Aso Rock with the “National Peace Committee” led by former Military head of State Rt Lt General Abdusalam Abubakar.

The group has come to plead with PMB to consider not probing Jonathan’s government but the President is reported as remaining stubbornly adamant and unwilling to be swayed from his mission.

The President’s determination came following his visit to the USA where he was presented by American officials with detailed proof of the unabated and blatant theft and looting by key members of GEJ’s administration to the tune of billions of dollars. This is said to have left the President extremely angry and more resolute in his determination to probe the administration.

Previous attempts had been made to plead with the President to reconsider his plan to probe the widespread corruption that was the highlight of the past administration. Chief among such visits was the one made by Former Commonwealth Secretary Genera’ Emeka Anyaoku who however denied this was his mission.

Last week, at the his request, Former President GEJ, accompanied by General Abdusalam had a late night meeting with President Buhari to put forward a case against the planned probe – citing the “terms” of his government stepping down from power as a condition and guarantee against prosecution. Sources however reported that the former President appeared jittery, ill at ease and nervous throughout the meeting.

It has also been reported the Former First Lady Patience had been suffering poor health due to the impending prosecution of her husband’s administration and had recently had to be hospitalised in London after collapsing with exhaustion in her posh London apartment.

Another member of GEJ’s administration, Ms Allison-Madueke suddenly took ill and has been “receiving treatment” for an undisclosed ailment in London.


Sources say that although the official line provided for the purpose of Monday’s visit with the President was to offer advice to him to “tarry awhile” before proceeding with his probes and prosecutions, and to offer their services and assistance to the new administration, the President fully aware of the real motive of the meeting did not mince words in saying his  probes would go ahead as planned.

Other members of the Committee included pastor Ayo Orisejafor a close ally of Former President Jonathan – whose private plane was involved in an arms trade deal with South Africa. The aircraft was discovered to be loaded with a staggering cash sum of $9.3million. The Jonathan administration explained that the funds were needed to purchase arms and weapons to fight Boko Haram.

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