BurnaBoy: The Waiting Paid Off

For years, Damini Ogulu aka BurnaBoy was villified, ostracised, ignored and overlooked – both as a credible artist and for his obvious talents – especially in his home country, Nigeria!

As a former pupil of a private school in England, he faced legal issues regarding unsubstantiated gang membership with the authorities and was for a while prevented from entering into the UK or US….

For many years, Damini remained in the wilderness….

But he focused on his art, worked hard in silence and waited patiently before his breakthrough came.

But today, Burnaboy is being toasted, honoured and celebrated the world over. Many who didn’t know, would think he started “yesterday” All across the US and UK, he is selling out packed concerts.

He is being invited to appear on top chat shows and multi million sponsorships and endorsements are beckoning.

His tracks are on everyone’s lips and even his dance steps have been adopted by everyone both young and old, black, white and brown.

His success came late.
But it came.

Delay is not denial. What will be, will be. What is yours will not pass you by.



*Featured image by Genevieve Mggazine
Watch Burna boys latest video to his track “Manifest”: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=JXbWwR4rSmY

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