A new book by a former Conservative Party supporter and old friend of Prime Minister David Cameron alleges that rather than the squeaky clean image the PM portrays to the nation, he once did drugs and lived a life of debauchery while a student in Oxford.

The explosive book “Call Me Dave” released by Lord Ashcroft has been deemed am act of vengeance released with ulterior motives in light of him missing out on a plum government role

In the book, due to be published next month, Lord Ashcroft says he has a personal “beef” with the Prime Minister after his failure to offer him a significant job in his administration following the formation of the coalition government in 2010.

He claimed the PM initially blamed Liberal Democrat coalition partners for blocking his appointment, before offering him a junior role at the Foreign Office which the peer described as “declinable”, adding: “It would have been better had Cameron offered me nothing at all.”

Some of the allegations surrounding the PM’s days as an undergraduate include:

  • Smoking cannabis as a student, joining a “dope smoking group” called the Flam Club, and cocaine was allowed to circulate at the London home of him and wife Samantha.
  • Being involved in a weird cult initiation procedure which included putting his genitalia in a pig’s mouth

It is also alleged that The Tory leader knew in 2009 that Lord Ashcroft was a non-dom who did not pay UK tax on his overseas earnings, but failed to make that clear.

Many Tories were furious with Lord Ashcroft for publishing the claims.

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman said  “Lord Ashcroft) has obviously fallen out with the Prime Minister big time but this is damaging the Conservative Party as well.

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