Cannibal Waiter Killed His Mother, Cut Her Up Into A Thousand Pieces And Shared Her Remains With His Dog

A truly macabre case has impacted all of Spain after the arrest of a 26-year-old man who killed his mother, butchered her and spent the next month  eating her remains.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez was arrested last Thursday in Madrid and the details of the horrible crime have been known.

Suspicions were aroused when a friend of Maria Soledad Go’mez reported to the police that she had not seen her in over a month.


The police visited the apartment of the 66-year-old woman and they found a spooky scene.

“The remains of María Soledad were scattered throughout the house” and inside plastic containers. “The woman had been murdered by her son, presumably, who later decided to cut her up,” says ABC.

According to the Spanish media, the containers were so small that Sánchez Gómez “had to use a chopper machine for that purpose”.

The crime scene was so frightening, that even one of the policemen broke down, had to go out into the street and vomited.

What followed was something even more terrible, as the young man made an incredible confession: “The dog and I have eaten our mother in pieces,” he told the agents.

So far, there is no information on how he killed his mother, but it was learned that the subject mistreated her multiple times and that María Soledad had denounced her son at least 12 times.

Sánchez Gómez was arrested immediately and has refused to deliver a statement.

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