Life After Otunba Femi: I am Happy And Have Moved On

Toyin Akinwole, the lady at the centre of the devilish act of blackmail and fraud at the hands of the scammer and blackmailer Otunba Femi Adesanya is now living a new life back in her US base of Atlanta.

Toyin who was scammed out of a total of N71m by Otunba aided by her former friend Sherifat and Alufa Shehu, a fake muslin cleric, also unfortunately lost her nursing agency to her former husband. However, she was awarded the ownership of the Ijebu Ode mansion acquired by Shehu from the proceeds of his evil scam.

She was not able to retrieve all of the funds fraudulently stolen from her, but she managed to get a substantial fraction back in cash. She will also be in the position to get more from the proceeds of the sale of Shehu’s house.

But life couldnt be any sweeter for the Toyin who is now settled with a new business and is now putting the entire ugly episode behind her following the sentencing of Adesanya to 21 years in prison by the Lagos State Special Offences court on Wednesday.

This will sound as a warning to all women to be really careful of the friends they keep and the company they associate with.

But a stronger warning has been sent to all wanna be fraudsters who take advantage of women. The days of free loaders and lady-killers are coming to an end in Nigeria.

Hope Otunba’s disgrace will teach his colleagues a strong lesson

21 Years Jail Sentence For Fraudster Who Posted Nude Pictures On Social Media (updated)

*This story has been updated to include the true version of events*

Paul Femi Adesanya was last Friday sentenced by The Lagos State Special Offences Court in Ikeja for defrauding American-based Mrs Oluwatoyin Akinwole, of the sum of N36.7m.

The lady later committed suicide by jumping off the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

Adesanya started an adulterous affair with the late Akinwole on a visit to Nigeria, and during some of their thrysts, took several pornographic images and videos of his victim.

After she returned to her base in the US, Adesanya started to demand huge sums of money from his “lover” which she initially obliged. Soon his demands became more expensive and when she failed to continue paying up, he resorted to blackmail and threatened to release the nude images he had taken of her on social media unless she paid him the extortionate amount of N38m.

Unable to come up with such, Adesanya went ahead with his threats and posted the images and videos which quickly went viral across the world.

The prosecuting counsel for the EFCC, Samuel Daji, said Adesanya acted contrary to sections 1(1) and 1(3) of the Advance Fee Fraud Act; as well as sections 278 and 285 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State

In her judgement on Friday, Justice Dada convicted Adesanya of the three counts filed against him by the EFCC.

The judge said she was satisfied that the prosecution proved the charges beyond reasonable doubts.

“I hereby sentence you to 14 years’ imprisonment on counts one and two, from the date of arraignment. These sentences are to run concurrently.

“On count three, for stealing, the convict is sentenced to seven years in prison,” the judge held.

*This report could contain inconsistencies that will be corrected as more reliable details are obtained

The real version of the story

We have now obtained the true version of the events in this story. The adultery and suicide were events fabricated and circulated by Adesanya as part of his sick extortion and blackmail game. Please read the true account of the saga from the mouth of Mrs Akinwole who we understand is still well and alive, and back in Texas where she is based:

“I am a businesswoman and I live in Texas, United States of America. Sherrifat lives in the USA and we were close friends when this issue started and she was the person who linked me to an Alfa named Ganiu Awojobi in Nigeria, but I wasn’t talking to the Alfa. Sherifat traveled to London, England in March 2017 to meet Otunba Adesanya, who she was having an affair with and she called to tell me that the Alfa told her that my death was imminent, except I perform some prayers.

‘’While she was saying this, Otunba Adesanya, came in and told me that he knows the Alfa very well and that I should obey him because he is very powerful and well known in Nigeria.

Otunba Adesanya, also told me that he had several businesses in Nigeria including petrol filling stations in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Alfa Awojobi, was demanding N154,000 for the prayers and I told Sherifat and Otunba that I didn’t have such money. Otunba Adesanya offered to pay N100,000 for me, while he asked me to pay the balance.’’

Continuing, she said:’’ I did what they said and Alfa started praying for me. He did that until April, 2018, and he insisted that I must come to Nigeria for the final prayers. I was really scared then and I didn’t want to die the way my younger sister died. I returned to Nigeria and went straight to Alfa at Ijebu-Ode. He asked me to take my bath before entering his house which I did and by midnight, he brought four men and they started praying for me. Alfa then said he had seen more visions about my husband and children and I ended up spending N1.5million at the Alfa’s place before returning to America. Otunba Adesanya, then came in and told me that he wanted to invest my money in oil business using his petrol filling stations. He took me round some filling stations in Ijebu-Ode and he was greeted as the owner. He asked me to invest a huge amount of money and promised that after one month, I will get back my 50 percent of my investment as profit, and I trusted him.

‘’ I borrowed N30 million and the person who loaned me the money paid it into his account. One month after I gave him the money, I called and started asking about the business; Otunba Adesanya, got angry and paid back the money into my account. I was shocked and this made me believe and trust Otunba Adesanya, to be a kind of genuine businessman. Then, I pleaded and asked him to continue with the business and then he asked me to change the money into dollar which I did and I took the money to him. Two months after then, when I tried to get back my money, he told me that the money I gave to him to invest into the business wasn’t enough and he needed money and I went on scouting for more money. I continued to give him money until it reached a total of N75million. He also asked me to pay the sum of N31million through the Alfa’s account.

‘’ But on December 2017, one of his boys called me on the telephone and told me that I had been defrauded, then I arrested him with some police and military men and they couldn’t recover my money. I also got him arrested with policemen in Osun and Ondo states, yet, he went off the hook. Then, I brought in operatives of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, to arrest him, and they recovered 21,000 nude photos and videos of various Nigerian women. He claimed he was very sick and the EFCC granted him bail, but after his release he went on the internet and published photoshop nude photos of myself and him, claiming that he had sexual relationship with me, which was a lie. He was also the person who circulated the story that I had jumped into the Third Mainland Bridge Lagoon, over infidelity. The EFCC tried to caution him but he wouldn’t listen because he wanted to blackmail me into stopping my case. I was given the advice to go to the IGP IRT and report my case and they trailed and arrested the Alfa as well as Otunba Adesanya”.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos office, on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, arraigned Adesanya Olufemi Paul and Awojobi Ganiu before Justice Mojisola Dada on a four-count charge bordering on stealing and obtaining money by false pretence to the tune of N33, 617.000 (Thirty-Three Million, Six Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Naira) only.

He was convicted and sentenced on a three count charge bothering conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretence and stealing and sentenced to 21 years Imprisonment.

Popular US Based Ghanaian Pastor Shoots Wife Dead. Watch video of his chilling threat to kill her

A popular US-based Ghanaian pastor has been arrested after he shot and killed his wife.

The incident took place outside the 27-year-old Barbara Tommey’s workplace at the Navy Federal Credit Union, near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

Pastor Sylvester Ofori ambushed his wife and shot her 7 times, just yards from the business’ front doors on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard just before 9 a.m. according to an Orlando Police Department spokesperson.

Tommey was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead shortly after.

35 year old Ofori was taken into custody from his apartment on Tuesday evening, the OPD spokesperson said.

He is being held at the Orange County Jail without bond on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.
During a press conference Tuesday morning, Chief Orlando Rolón said the shooting was captured on CCTV.
“You can tell that she was surprised by what was happening,” he said.

The Navy Federal Credit Union released a statement on the shooting.

The statement reads: “This morning, a team member was fatally injured during an act of violence outside our Millenia branch, by a man she knew, according to the police.

“Our thoughts are with our team member’s family. Our number one priority is keeping both our members and team members safe. We will ensure all team members at the branch are provided with the support they need during this time.

Any further information can be provided by the Orlando Police Department.”

Pastor Sylvester had allegedly been abusing his wife for some time, according to sources close to the family.

Barbara was persuaded by her family to leave him but he tracked her to her workplace yesterday where he shot her.

Watch damning video of Ofiri promising to kill his wife

A woman named Lisa, who witnessed the shooting, said: “I’m shaken up right now, I’m still shaken up.”
She said she saw Barbara come outside to move her car before she was shot.
“The next thing I knew, he raised his hand with the gun in it, and he shot her,” she said.
“The guy was walking behind her. I don’t know if she knew he was there or not. I started running and as I’m running, I hear three or four more shots.”

Lisa spoke highly of the deceased woman.
She said: “She was always very nice when I came into the bank. She’s very nice, very nice

Original story from onlinenews



Revenge Assassin Convicted Of Double North London Murders

A gunman who executed a mother-of-two and her nephew in their family home has been found guilty of their murders.

Obina Ezeoke, 28 of no fixed address was convicted on Wednesday, 9 September at the Old Bailey of the murders of Annie Ekofo, 53, and her 21-year-old nephew Bervil Kalikaka-Ekofo.
Police were called by London Ambulance Service at around 06:20hrs on 15 September 2016 to reports of two people injured at an address in Elmshurst Crescent, N2.

Officers attended and found Annie and her nephew suffering from gunshot injuries. Both were pronounced dead at the scene despite efforts to resuscitate them.

Four other people, including an eight-year-old child, inside the address were not harmed.

The trial heard that Ezeoke gained entry to Annie’s home through the front door which was unlocked, after waiting for the communal door to the main block to be opened.
He stepped into the bedroom where Bervil was sleeping and shot him in the back of the head at point blank range.
Annie, awoken by the shot, stepped out of her bedroom on the same floor down the hall and was shot in the chest. Ezeoke then made off.
An investigation was launched by the Met’s Specialist Crime Command and established a sequence of events that led to Ezeoke’s arrest.
CCTV footage captured a black Vauxhall Meriva parking in Elmhurst Crescent just after 06:10hrs and leaving around 10 minutes later.

Further enquiries revealed that the vehicle had come from and returned to the Grahame Park Estate in Colindale.

Investigators were able to prove that Ezeoke was at the estate immediately before and after the murders.

Forensic examination of the Vauxhall Meriva found high levels of gunshot residue. Gunshot residue particles were also found on a white polo shirt worn by Ekeoke on the morning of the shooting, as well as on other clothing and on his head and hair.

The car was traced back to Ezeoke, who had used false names and addresses to register and insure it.
Ezeoke was identified as a suspect and arrested within days, on 18 September 2016. He was charged with two counts of murder on 20 September.
A search of his property proved crucial, as items including an empty handgun case and parking tickets linking him to the Vauxhall Meriva were recovered.
Bervil – a student at the University of West London – had planned to stay at the house for just one night. Detectives believe that a relative of Annie and Bervil who was not at the property that evening and who Ezeoke and associates had a long-running feud with was the intended target. Neither Annie and Bervil had any involvement and this was a case of mistaken identity.
The court heard that Ezeoke was stabbed multiple times in October 2015, and the shooting is believed to have been in retaliation for that incident.

Ezeoke suffered life-threatening injuries and spent six weeks in hospital recovering. He was subsequently arrested and jailed for a drugs offence. He was released from prison in April 2016.

Ezeoke will be sentenced on Thursday, 1 October.


The Plight Of Undocumented Young People Caught Up In Britain’s Hostile Environment

I came across this insightful article on another platform and I thought it needed to be shared with my readers – many of which are immigrants also known as “the undocumented” who arrived in the UK several years ago, made new and productive lives for themselves and their families, and contributed to the economy – but are still prevented from accessing many of the same benefits enjoyed by legal and natural citizens. Many of such parents are blissfully unaware or ignorant of the fact that their children sadly have a myriad of problems relating to their citizenship awaiting them in the future.
Please read and enjoy:

The hostile environment is still destroying the lives of approximately 215,000 children in Britain who are caught in a system which denies them citizenship

Clapton Girls’ Academy has a motto to inspire pupils in one of the poorer parts of London: “Arrive with a dream, leave with a future.” And Chrisann Jarrett seemed to embody its vision after coming to this country aged eight from Jamaica and ending up head girl with a place to study law at the prestigious London School of Economics.

“Yes, I was a goody two shoes,” she laughs down the line when we chat. But her dreams were dashed. Despite feeling as British as her classmates, and like them seeing London as her home, this hard-working teenager was told she must pay fees of £17,000 a year since the university saw her as an international student.

This was impossible for the daughter of a single mother, working as a carer with three children. They could not afford holidays, so had never bothered applying for passports, while the Home Office had lost their papers and, discovering they were technically undocumented as a consequence, was trying to formalise their status.

I watched as everyone else went off to university and felt so low,” said Chrisann, who had hit the buffer of harsh reforms to reduce migration introduced by David Cameron’s coalition government. “I even went to the introductory lecture for my course and then realised I was being hopelessly naive. I felt different and ended up wondering if I was to blame, since I thought I had done everything right but was not being accepted as British.” Eventually she won a scholarship and completed her degree.

But while waiting, Chrisann volunteered at a legal charity for children and found she was not alone. “I saw there were so many other kids like me who had lived here and then suddenly discovered they could not go to university since they were not seen as British.”

She is right: one study this year estimated there are 215,000 children living here without immigration status, half of them born in the country.

So this determined woman set up a charity to fight for their cause – and now We Belong has published a damning indictment of systemic failure that is blighting young lives.

“Normality is a Luxury” is based on interviews with 14 young adults under 25 that have between them spent 198 years in Britain. It shows how lives are “distorted and damaged” by a callous bureaucratic system that sows division, hurts mental health and condemns families to more than a decade of massive financial strain.

Talk to these young adults and you hear tales of life on the edge as they are pitched into a Kafkaesque process that is complex, intrusive, often incompetent, demands huge and constantly rising fees – yet make one mistake and, like a dystopian game of snakes and ladders, applicants slide back down to start the torturous 11-year process to citizenship again.

Ijeoma Moore was born in Nigeria but brought up in Britain since she was two. She knows no other home. But she discovered she was different to her classmates when officials turned up at her home one morning and carted her family off to a detention centre, unlawfully trying to deport them. Then she saw teenage school friends go off to university, but could not join them.

The fragility of her situation, the need to keep winning fresh consent to stay every 30 months, the costs running into thousands of pounds each time, have harmed her mental health – as well as sparking an ambition to become a child psychologist to help others put through this migration mincer.

It puts you in a very bad place with anxiety and depression,” she said. “Even though I’m a legal resident, it feels like they can take it away any time.”

It is horribly cruel for the state to play with young lives in this way, labelling them “temporary migrants” despite strong bonds with Britain.

It is also unjust when the only people forced to spend more than a decade rather than the standard five years on the road to citizenship are those on this kind of Limited Leave to Remain.

And it perpetuates inequality to demand people from struggling backgrounds pay at least £11,727 in fees before permitting them to become fully-fledged members of their own society.

Some of these fees have more than doubled over the past five years – while families often end up also paying lawyers to help navigate the legal mazes.

These energetic people could not be further from phoney stereotypes of migrants milking the system. Yet they are exposing not just their own plight, grim as that is, but something even more disturbing. Their stories show how the evils of the hostile environment, unleashed by Theresa May during her awful stint in the Home Office, still devastate many lives despite such such furore over the Windrush Scandal.

This is underlined by Welcome to Britain, a book by barrister Colin Yeo, that dissects with forensic precision how self-serving politicians deliberately created a costly and complicated system to deter people coming to our country by making their lives as miserable as possible.

No doubt Yeo would be dismissed as an “activist lawyer” by Priti Patel since May’s successor aims to stop others following the path taken by her parents.

Yet no one should be fooled: the horrors of the hostile environment have not faded, despite the Government being caught deporting elderly folk in its flawed, discriminatory system.

The scandal drags on today – and among its more depressing effects is the impact on many decent young people who find themselves trapped in limbo amid a terror of being ejected from their land. “No matter how much good work we put in, it feels like they are not listening,” said Ijeoma. Sadly, to our collective shame she is right.

Article by Ian Birrell culled from Ian is a former deputy editor of the Independent and an award-winning foreign correspondent. He was awarded Health Journalist of the year in the 2018 Press Awards and was highly commended in the feature writing category.
Twitter: ianbirrell

2 Young Men Of Nigerian Descent Stabbed To Death In London

Many in the UK Nigerian community have stopped taking so much interest since it appeared the number of young men of Nigerian descent involved either as victims or as perpetrators of knife crime in the capital were on the decrease,.

However it is important to bring to peoples awareness that knife crime is just as rampant as it has always been.

This morning, I received the sad message of the cruel stabbing and killing of 22 year old Anthony Adekola in Colindale, North London which took place on Saturday. In August there was a reported stabbing in the same area and the victim thankfully made a recovery. It is not clear if Anthony’s killing was a revenge attack in a gangs war.

On Juy 29, 26 year old Christopher George was shot to death in Sebastopol Road Edmonton North London. The news of the murder was widely reported in the news but many would not have associated his English names with being Nigerian.

Christopher was sitting in a parked Mercedes Benz when 2 men approached the car and opened fire, shooting him in the chest at point range.

What is however becoming increasingly alarming is the age of the victims. During the scourge of 2018, the average age of victims of knives and guns murders was 17. Now many of the murdered young me are in their 20s.

On June 8, Alexander Kareem, 20, was riding a scooter near his family home in Shepherd’s Bush when he was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity. And Jeffrey Wegbe, 26,  was shot dead on his doorstep in Kilburn, in the early hours of 14th August.

20 year old Salem Koudou was found with stab wounds following a fight on Wynne Road in Lambeth on the 20th August.

On June 5, Oluwamayowa Adeyemi was fatally shot on the Nightingale Estate, Hackney. He was 21.

On April 26th, 24 year old David Gomoh a NHS worker was stabbed to death, a few yards from his doorstep just a few days after his dad died of the coronavirus.

These are just a few of the deaths by knifing and shooting that have occurred in the capital in just the last 3 months. The recent pandemic has caused a shift of attention and focus away from the problem of gangs crime in the capital and many of the cases that are being reported in the media, are being done with the barest minimum of detail that several of them go unnoticed

Manchester Slay Queen Celebrates Birthday With Naked Guests And Strippers (Videos)

When Manchester slay Queen Abimbola Sonde decided to celebrate her birthday party, she did not opt for an owambe with Aso ebi. No that would not swaggerlicious enough for her.

She did not chose a respectable garden party- that will be too boring

She decided to have an hedonistic orgy where her guests were half naked and openly cavorting around, with nude strippers both female and male, some of them walking around with erect penis on show!

One video even shows her being treated to a blow job on the dance floor in front of all her happy guests.

I am not one to judge people’s choices but this takes liberty to a new level.

Warning: Contains graphic images some may find vulgar and offensive.

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