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A lot of research has been done about this amazing seed that’s mentioned in the Bible and Koran . In fact there’s this saying that – the only thing it can’t cure is death -I’m not confirming that statements though 😛 . What does research show;
1 . It dilates ( relaxes ) blood vessels like BP MEDS do.

  1. It has a cardiac depressant ability hence it lowers BP and reduces heart rate

  2. It’s acts as a diuretic . What are diuretics ? They increase the volume of urine excreted . Usually the first line meds given for high BP are diuretics . They are also called WATER TABLETS. It does what FUROSEMIDE a popular water tablet does . Sodium levels need to be controlled in lowering blood pressure and that’s why people with high BP are asked to reduce salt intake – salt is SODIUM CHLORIDE
    BLACK SEED increases the excretion of SODIUM, POTASSIUM and UREA. This leads to decrease in electrolytes , water and blood volume . These result in lowering blood pressure.

  3. It acts like a CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKER blood pressure drugs ( CCB) . Examples of CCB drugs are AMLODIPINE, FELODIPINE, NIFEDIPINE which are commonly prescribed meds for high BP

  1. Has powerful antioxidant effect on the heart and blood vessels
    However seeds are not that easily digested. They need to extracted in specialised ways to get maximum absorption . The oil too must be properly extracted without damaging sol ents and heat . Must be cold pressed . So to get the best , it’s important that you consume S specialised SEED BASEC NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS
    If you’d like to know more about the benefits of seed based nutrition and the best supplements , message me . Trust me , I know a lot about vitamins and supplements

By Ope Okulaja

Penis Captivus: Bursting The Illicit-Sex Punishment Myth

It sounds like the stuff of urban legend, but it’s possible for a penis to get stuck inside a vagina during intercourse.

Unfortunately, this biological occurence is a source of susperstitious myth epsecially within certain African cultures. Many erroneously believe that two lovers getting stuck, is a result of some mythical punishment for adultery or cheating. Just like the mythical “magun” which involves a man suddenly dropping dead while in the act of sexual intercourse. Contrary to superstitious beliefs, sudden male death during sex is more likely to be as a result of the male – or even the female partner being a patient of an underlying heart condition causing sudden cardiac death or heart failure as a result of physical exertion brought about by the sexual activity.

Most sudden cardiac deaths are caused by abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias. The most common life-threatening arrhythmia is ventricular fibrillation, which is an erratic, disorganized firing of impulses from the ventricles (the heart’s lower chambers). When this occurs, the heart is unable to pump blood and death will occur within minutes, if life saving help such as CPR is not given.

“Stuck Penis” or penis captivus, is a rare occurrence. It’s so rare, in fact, that anecdotal reports are the only way doctors and health experts know it happens.

It’s unclear how often penis captivus occurs because couples may be able to disconnect from one another before medical attention is necessary. And they may never report the incident to a doctor.

In the event that you find yourself unable to disengage from intercourse, it’s important to stay calm. Knowing what’s happening can help you and your partner wait out penis captivus. Keep reading to learn more.

How does it happen?

For penis captivus to occur, a series of events during sex must take place. The penis, which fills with blood during an erection, may continue to grow in size before orgasm. The vagina’s walls, which are made of muscular tissue, expand and contract during sex. The muscles inside the vagina may pulse slightly during an orgasm, too.

On occasion, the vaginal muscles may contract more than typical. These contractions can narrow the vaginal opening. This narrowing could prevent a man from removing his penis, especially if he’s still engorged and erect.

After orgasm, the vaginal muscles will begin to relax. If the man also reaches orgasm, the blood will begin to drain from his penis, and the erection will ease. You may be able to remove the penis from the vagina as these events occur.

Most people  who experience penis captivus can expect to be stuck together for just a few seconds. Staying calm and letting the muscles relax will help you unhook from each other. Unfortunately, people often allow their superstitious mindset to take over and panic when this occurs. This is made more egregious when the involved partners are engaging in illicit or an adulterous session. Ignorance can also lead to people panicking and raising unnecessary alarms instead of simply remaining calm while the tensed muscles relax and they can separate.

Penis captivus is one manifestation of vaginismus. Vaginismus is a strict contraction of the vagina’s muscles that is so strong, the vagina essentially closes itself. When this occurs, a woman may be unable to have intercourse. It can also prevent medical exams.

What does it feel like?

Typical vaginal contractions may be pleasurable for the man. The increased pressure around the penis may intensify sensations. However, if your penis becomes stuck inside the vagina, the pleasing pressure may not be pleasant enough to overrule the worry about your predicament.

Penis captivus is unlikely to hurt you or your partner. As the erection eases, the pressure on the penis will fall, and any discomfort should stop. Likewise, as the contractions end, the muscles should relax enough for the vaginal opening to return to a normal size.

While you’re stuck together, it’s important you don’t do anything that could hurt you or cause additional pain. That means you shouldn’t try to forcibly pry yourself from your partner. Additional lubrication is also unlikely to fix the situation.

Instead, try to remain calm and let the muscles relax on their own. While it may feel much longer, most couples will only be stuck for a few seconds.

Is there clinical evidence of this?

Because penis captivus is so rare, there’s virtually no research or medical evidence of the event. However, that doesn’t mean reports of the condition haven’t appeared in medical literature.

The next year, the medical journal published a response  from a reader that claimed to have been present when a couple was brought to the local hospital for the condition.

More recently, in 2016, a reputable Kenyan television channel ran a news segment that featured a couple who was carried to a local witch doctor after becoming stuck.

What should I do if it happens to me?

If you’re mid-romp and find you and your partner can’t disconnect, it’s important to remain calm. Panicking can lead to forcefully attempting to withdraw the penis, and that can lead to more pain and discomfort.

Most couples will only be stuck for a few seconds, so give yourself a break from the action. Take a few deep breaths, and the muscles will likely relax for you.

In the event that you remain stuck after a few minutes, call for emergency medical attention. A doctor or healthcare provider may be able to inject a muscle relaxer into you or your partner to help ease the contractions.

If this keeps happening, make a point to tell your doctor at your next visit. They may want to look for possible underlying conditions, such as vaginismus or blood flow problems, that could contribute to the unusual situation.

The bottom line

Penis captivus is a very rare condition. Indeed, most couples will never experience it, but if you do, remember to remain calm. Don’t panic and don’t try to pry yourself apart from your partner.

You could hurt the two of you, which will only make the situation work. Most couples will be able to separate after a few seconds, or at worst, a few minutes. While it may be uncomfortable, stop the action and wait it out. You’ll be unhooked soon enough.

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Effects And Side Effects Of Statins

STATINS are given to lower high blood cholesterol levels.

They have ANTI-INFLAMMATORY actions. Remember that INFLAMMATION is the root cause of chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc. How ? They lower the C-reactive protein that is a marker of systemic inflammation ( how inflamed your body is)

They reduce blood thickness hence easier flow. Statins deplete CoenzymeQ10 and that’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT NUTRIENTS for the HEART!!! Its a vitamin like compound found in all our cells and provide energy to the whole body .

When it’s depleted , the following occur: -MUSCLE PAIN, WEAKNESS and FATIGUE. It’s an indication that your CREATININE KINASE is HIGH!!! This can cause rapid muscle breakdown and then death. Those are dangerous side effects and if you experience that , you immediately contact your doctor and STOP!!

Other side effects include fatigue and weakness of the heart because coQ10 needed is depleted.

The brain needs fats to function well . It needs cholesterol . Cholesterol helps stimulate thinking and memory . This is why statins cause memory loss in a lot of people taking statins and even cognitive decline . It can trigger.

Alzheimer’sCholesterol is needed to produce sex hormones ! So statins affect sexual ability – any man on statins experiencing this should now know why .

Statins interferes with its receptors in the brain . Serotonin is required for mood so can lead to depression . Some have gone into severe depression because of statins
So please if you must take statins , make sure you are taking coQ10 . It’s broken down by the body into ubiquinol which is the active product . Once you are over 40, your body can’t break it down , so you must buy ubiquinol
I’m not on statins but I take ubiquinol to keep my heart healthy . There was a time it was discovered years ago that my cholesterol levels were slightly high . At that time of my life , I was not living healthy at all . I consumed sugar in all forms and that is one major cause of high cholesterol levels . Fortunately I wasn’t placed on drugs . Today my levels are under control by deliberate and intentional dietary changes .
However if your levels are high , don’t panic because it’s ratios that really matter and other options are available
I have a client who was placed on statins and oh boy she almost became an invalid . I told her to stop and she’s ok now . We now went into a session of consultation on dietary and lifestyle changes to bring the levels down. There’s no quick fix at all but a daily conscious effort to eat the right things , the right supplements and exercise.
Always ask your doctors questions.

Article by Opeoluwa Aremu-Okulaja, BSc Pharm; She is also CEO Ola Herbs & greens resources Limited, Nigeria.

Health Matters: What To Do If Suddenly You Are Unable To Pass Urine

It is amazing how some of the physical ailments we often encounter can be alleviated by very simple steps and actions.

I saw the following account on a forum I belong to and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Someone could find the information useful:

This is the experience of a famous allopathy doctor on account of a medical article. He is in his 70’s and an ENT specialist. It was astonishing to listen to one of his experiences which he shared.
That morning one day he had a problem on waking up. He had an urge to pass urine but for some reason he was unable to do so. At an advanced age some people face such a problem some times and if they try two or three times they may succeed. He tried repeatedly but nothing happened. His continuous efforts didn’t bear any result. Then he realised there is a problem.

Although he is a doctor he is no exception to such physical problems as he is also made of flesh and blood like everyone else. Now his lower abdomen became heavy and he was unable to sit or stand and was suffering from the pressure buildup. Immediately he called up a known urologist on the phone and explained his situation. The Urologist replied “I am at present in a hospital in the outskirts and I will be at a clinic in your area in one and a half hours. Will you be able to withstand it for that long?” He replied, “I will try”.

At that instance he received an incoming call from another allopathy doctor, a childhood friend. With great difficulty the old doctor explained the situation to his friend.
His friend replied, “Oh, your bladder is full and you are unable to pass urine. Don’t worry, do as I suggest and you will be able to overcome it”.

And he gave the instruction, “Stand up and jump vigorously. While jumping lift both your hands as though you are plucking mangoes from a tree. Do that 15 to 20 times”.

What? ? ?

With a full bladder he wants me to jump?
Though a little sceptical the old doctor tried it. What a relief to him when within 5 to 6 jumps urine started passing. He felt overjoyed and thankful to his childhood friend for solving the issue with such a simple method which otherwise would have required an admission to a hospital where they would have inserted a catheter inside the bladder, injections, anti-biotics etc etc etc resulting in a bill over thousands of Dollars in addition to physical and mental stress for him and his near and dear ones.

This is not a proven medical procedure and other than the account of the unnamed author, we have no scientific verification of the effectiveness of this action. However, we are suggesting this as a first-aid action for anyone who finds themself in the situation before medical intervention is sought. BJ



Black Babies Allegedly More Likely To Survive When Cared For By Black Doctors

A new US study has concluded that babies with a black racial background have a greater chance of survival when the hospital doctor in charge of their care is also black.

In the US, babies of colour face far worse clinical outcomes than newborns of white racial backgrounds.

While infant mortality has fallen overall in the past century thanks to improvements in hygiene, nutrition and healthcare, the black-white disparity has grown.

Multiple interrelated factors which contribute to these disparities include structural and societal racism, toxic stress and cumulative socioeconomic disadvantages.

The new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the race of the attending doctor also plays an important role.

Researchers reviewed 1.8m hospital birth records in Florida from 1992 to 2015, and established the race of the doctor in charge of each newborn’s care.

When cared for by white doctors, black babies are about three times more likely to die in the hospital than white newborns.

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COVID Can Cut UK Cancer Survival Rate By 2% Due To NHS Suspension Of Screening And Treatments

People with cancer will die sooner because the NHS suspended so much screening, testing and treatment of the disease during the pandemic, according to new research.

According to a report published in the Guardian the chances of people in the UK with breast cancer surviving for five years after diagnosis could fall from 85% to 83.5%, the IPPR thinktank and CF healthcare consultancy found.

The report further states that five-year survival for bowel cancer could drop from 58.4% to 56.1%, while people with lung cancer would see their chances of being alive after that time fall from 16.2% to 15.4%.

Harry Quilter-Pinner, the IPPR’s associate director and head of its health programme, said that such declines “would represent a significant setback to progress” in cancer survival made in recent years. If these falls occur, the outcomes would be equivalent to those seen six years ago in breast cancer, eight years ago in bowel cancer and one year ago in lung cancer.

The shutdown of cancer screening as the NHS concentrated on treating patients with Covid-19 meant that 210,000 people a week could not be screened, urgent referrals of patients suspected of having cancer fell by 40%, and there were far fewer CT and MRI scans, the IPPR said. In addition, the number of people having surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy fell by up to 40%, he added.

Benefits Of Tumeric Tea: The New Health Craze On The Block

Turmeric is a popular spice made from the rhizome or root of the Curcuma longa plant.

Turmeric is native to Southeast Asia and is a member of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family. It has been used as an herbal remedy for thousands of years in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

India grows 78 percent of the global supply of turmeric. A range of turmeric teas are available for purchase in health stores or online. In this article, we look at a range of potential health benefits.

Fast facts on turmeric tea:

  • The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin.
  • Curcumin gives turmeric its characteristic yellow color.
  • Curcumin is proven to have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

What is turmeric tea?

turmeric tea

The most effective way to consume turmeric may be as a tea.

Curcumin has low bioavailability, which means the body has a hard time accessing and absorbing the compound. For this reason, turmeric supplements, with their guaranteed high concentrations of curcumin, are popular.

Turmeric tea, brewed using grated turmeric root or pure powder, is considered one of the most effective ways to consume the spice.

There is no specific recommended daily intake of turmeric. Based on available research, the suggested daily intake depends largely on the condition it is being used to treat.

Most research in adults supports the safe use of 400 to 600 milligrams (mg) of pure turmeric powder three times daily, or 1 to 3 grams (g) daily of grated or dried turmeric root. Grating the turmeric yourself is the best way to ensure a pure product.


Drinking turmeric tea is believed to bring about several benefits, nine of which are described in more detail here.

1. Reduces arthritis symptoms

As an anti-inflammatory, curcumin may help reduce the most prominent symptoms of arthritis.

A 2017 study found that out of 206 American adults with self-reported rheumatoid arthritis, 63 percent used non-vitamin supplements to manage their symptoms, with turmeric being the most popular product that was taken.

2. Boosts immune function

Curcumin is proven to improve immune function with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Curcumin has also been shown to act as an immune modulator, helping regulate immune cell function against cancer.

3. Helps reduce cardiovascular complications

Several studies have shown curcumin to have beneficial heart health properties by acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

A 2012 study found that taking 4 g per day of curcumin 3 days before and 5 days after coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, reduced the risk of acute myocardial infarction or heart attack by 17 percent.

4. Helps prevent and treat cancer

One of the most clinically established therapeutic properties of curcumin is its anti-cancer action.

As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, curcumin is thought to lower the risk of cells in the body becoming damaged, reducing the risk of cell mutations and cancer.

Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that curcumin has anti-tumor properties, limiting the growth of tumors and spread of cancerous cells.

According to a 2014 medical review, more than 2,000 articles have been published using the keywords “curcumin” and “cancer.” The use of curcumin as a cancer treatment alongside chemotherapy and radiation therapy is currently being investigated.

5. Helps manage irritable bowel syndrome or IBS

Curcumin has long been used in traditional medicines as a treatment for many digestive conditions.

Several studies have found that curcumin may help reduce the pain associated with IBS and improve the quality of life of those people with the condition.

2012 study in rats found that curcumin helped decrease the time it took for food to empty from the stomach to the small intestine, otherwise known as gastric emptying.

6. Prevents and treats Alzheimer’s

Studies have shown that curcumin may help reduce the chances of several neurodegenerative conditions. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers are thought to reduce cellular damage, inflammation, and amyloid deposits or plaques that occur with these conditions.

Curcumin may also be able to slow down or prevent some of the age-associated protein changes linked to neurodegeneration.

7. Protects against liver damage, gallstones, and manages liver conditions

Several studies have shown that curcumin can protect against liver damage. Potential liver and gallbladder benefits of curcumin include increasing production of the digestive fluid bile while also protecting liver cells from damage from bile-associated chemicals.

8. Helps prevent and manage diabetes

Traditional medicines have used turmeric for diabetes for thousands of years. Several studies using animal and human models have shown that curcumin supplementation may have anti-diabetes properties.

9. Helps treat and manage lung conditions

Researchers suspect that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of curcumin may help reduce the symptoms of chronic or long-lasting lung conditions.

A 2017 medical review concluded that although the clinical evidence is limited, curcumin might help treat asthma, pulmonary and cystic fibrosis, lung cancer or injury, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


turmeric powder on a plate

To make a turmeric tea, a person can add ground, grated, or powdered turmeric to boiling water.

Turmeric tea can be prepared from either pure turmeric powder or grated or ground, dried turmeric. Fermented turmeric preparations, commonly sold as tea products, claim to have higher concentrations of biologically available or absorbable curcumin.

The steps to follow for making turmeric tea are:

  • boil 4 cups of water
  • add 1 to 2 teaspoons of ground, grated, or powdered turmeric
  • allow the mixture to simmer for approximately 10 minutes
  • strain the tea into a container and allow it to cool for 5 minutes

Many people put additional ingredients into their turmeric tea to improve the taste or help with its absorption. Common additives include:

  • Honey, to sweeten the tea and give the mixture more anti-microbial properties.
  • Whole milk, cream, almond milk, coconut milk, or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or ghee (unclarified butter) to help with absorption, as curcumin requires healthy fats to dissolve properly.
  • Black pepper, which contains piperine, a chemical known to help promote curcumin absorption, and that can add a spice flavor to the tea.
  • Lemon, lime, or ginger, to enhance antioxidant and antimicrobial properties in the mixture and improve taste.

A range of turmeric teas are available for purchase online.