A lot of research has been done about this amazing seed that’s mentioned in the Bible and Koran . In fact there’s this saying that – the only thing it can’t cure is death -I’m not confirming that statements though 😛 . What does research show;
1 . It dilates ( relaxes ) blood vessels like BP MEDS do.

  1. It has a cardiac depressant ability hence it lowers BP and reduces heart rate

  2. It’s acts as a diuretic . What are diuretics ? They increase the volume of urine excreted . Usually the first line meds given for high BP are diuretics . They are also called WATER TABLETS. It does what FUROSEMIDE a popular water tablet does . Sodium levels need to be controlled in lowering blood pressure and that’s why people with high BP are asked to reduce salt intake – salt is SODIUM CHLORIDE
    BLACK SEED increases the excretion of SODIUM, POTASSIUM and UREA. This leads to decrease in electrolytes , water and blood volume . These result in lowering blood pressure.

  3. It acts like a CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKER blood pressure drugs ( CCB) . Examples of CCB drugs are AMLODIPINE, FELODIPINE, NIFEDIPINE which are commonly prescribed meds for high BP

  1. Has powerful antioxidant effect on the heart and blood vessels
    However seeds are not that easily digested. They need to extracted in specialised ways to get maximum absorption . The oil too must be properly extracted without damaging sol ents and heat . Must be cold pressed . So to get the best , it’s important that you consume S specialised SEED BASEC NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS
    If you’d like to know more about the benefits of seed based nutrition and the best supplements , message me . Trust me , I know a lot about vitamins and supplements

By Ope Okulaja

Penis Captivus: Bursting The Illicit-Sex Punishment Myth

It sounds like the stuff of urban legend, but it’s possible for a penis to get stuck inside a vagina during intercourse.

Unfortunately, this biological occurence is a source of susperstitious myth epsecially within certain African cultures. Many erroneously believe that two lovers getting stuck, is a result of some mythical punishment for adultery or cheating. Just like the mythical “magun” which involves a man suddenly dropping dead while in the act of sexual intercourse. Contrary to superstitious beliefs, sudden male death during sex is more likely to be as a result of the male – or even the female partner being a patient of an underlying heart condition causing sudden cardiac death or heart failure as a result of physical exertion brought about by the sexual activity.

Most sudden cardiac deaths are caused by abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias. The most common life-threatening arrhythmia is ventricular fibrillation, which is an erratic, disorganized firing of impulses from the ventricles (the heart’s lower chambers). When this occurs, the heart is unable to pump blood and death will occur within minutes, if life saving help such as CPR is not given.

“Stuck Penis” or penis captivus, is a rare occurrence. It’s so rare, in fact, that anecdotal reports are the only way doctors and health experts know it happens.

It’s unclear how often penis captivus occurs because couples may be able to disconnect from one another before medical attention is necessary. And they may never report the incident to a doctor.

In the event that you find yourself unable to disengage from intercourse, it’s important to stay calm. Knowing what’s happening can help you and your partner wait out penis captivus. Keep reading to learn more.

How does it happen?

For penis captivus to occur, a series of events during sex must take place. The penis, which fills with blood during an erection, may continue to grow in size before orgasm. The vagina’s walls, which are made of muscular tissue, expand and contract during sex. The muscles inside the vagina may pulse slightly during an orgasm, too.

On occasion, the vaginal muscles may contract more than typical. These contractions can narrow the vaginal opening. This narrowing could prevent a man from removing his penis, especially if he’s still engorged and erect.

After orgasm, the vaginal muscles will begin to relax. If the man also reaches orgasm, the blood will begin to drain from his penis, and the erection will ease. You may be able to remove the penis from the vagina as these events occur.

Most people  who experience penis captivus can expect to be stuck together for just a few seconds. Staying calm and letting the muscles relax will help you unhook from each other. Unfortunately, people often allow their superstitious mindset to take over and panic when this occurs. This is made more egregious when the involved partners are engaging in illicit or an adulterous session. Ignorance can also lead to people panicking and raising unnecessary alarms instead of simply remaining calm while the tensed muscles relax and they can separate.

Penis captivus is one manifestation of vaginismus. Vaginismus is a strict contraction of the vagina’s muscles that is so strong, the vagina essentially closes itself. When this occurs, a woman may be unable to have intercourse. It can also prevent medical exams.

What does it feel like?

Typical vaginal contractions may be pleasurable for the man. The increased pressure around the penis may intensify sensations. However, if your penis becomes stuck inside the vagina, the pleasing pressure may not be pleasant enough to overrule the worry about your predicament.

Penis captivus is unlikely to hurt you or your partner. As the erection eases, the pressure on the penis will fall, and any discomfort should stop. Likewise, as the contractions end, the muscles should relax enough for the vaginal opening to return to a normal size.

While you’re stuck together, it’s important you don’t do anything that could hurt you or cause additional pain. That means you shouldn’t try to forcibly pry yourself from your partner. Additional lubrication is also unlikely to fix the situation.

Instead, try to remain calm and let the muscles relax on their own. While it may feel much longer, most couples will only be stuck for a few seconds.

Is there clinical evidence of this?

Because penis captivus is so rare, there’s virtually no research or medical evidence of the event. However, that doesn’t mean reports of the condition haven’t appeared in medical literature.

The next year, the medical journal published a response  from a reader that claimed to have been present when a couple was brought to the local hospital for the condition.

More recently, in 2016, a reputable Kenyan television channel ran a news segment that featured a couple who was carried to a local witch doctor after becoming stuck.

What should I do if it happens to me?

If you’re mid-romp and find you and your partner can’t disconnect, it’s important to remain calm. Panicking can lead to forcefully attempting to withdraw the penis, and that can lead to more pain and discomfort.

Most couples will only be stuck for a few seconds, so give yourself a break from the action. Take a few deep breaths, and the muscles will likely relax for you.

In the event that you remain stuck after a few minutes, call for emergency medical attention. A doctor or healthcare provider may be able to inject a muscle relaxer into you or your partner to help ease the contractions.

If this keeps happening, make a point to tell your doctor at your next visit. They may want to look for possible underlying conditions, such as vaginismus or blood flow problems, that could contribute to the unusual situation.

The bottom line

Penis captivus is a very rare condition. Indeed, most couples will never experience it, but if you do, remember to remain calm. Don’t panic and don’t try to pry yourself apart from your partner.

You could hurt the two of you, which will only make the situation work. Most couples will be able to separate after a few seconds, or at worst, a few minutes. While it may be uncomfortable, stop the action and wait it out. You’ll be unhooked soon enough.

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Beats Headphones Mogul’s Ex Wife Wants $2m Monthly Spousal Support

The incredible demand includes a whooping $20k for phone and emails!

Nicole Young had become accustomed to an incredibly lavish lifestyle as the wife of a near billionaire. And following her filing for divorce from rap music artist, producer and entrepreneur Dr Dre, after 24 years of marriage, she’s asking for almost $2 million a month to ensure she maintains her Champagne lifestyle.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Dr. Dre’s soon-to-be ex-wife has provided a list of monthly expenses that explain why she needs $1,936,399 in temporary spousal support.The document list some unbelievable expenses, such as:

  1. $135,000 a month on clothes,
  2. $20,000 a month on phone and email,
  3. $10,000 a month on laundry,
  4. And a whopping $900,000 a month on entertainment!

According to TMZ Dre is currently covering his ex wife’s expenses, which includes the cost of chefs, security, and maintenance for their home in Malibu, where she currently resides.

Young’s outrageous demands are in stark contrast to the conditions of a prenuptial agreement which she signed but however claims she was forced to under duress and coercion. In court documents, she claimed: “I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner”

She further claimed that two years into the marriage, “Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement and that it was null and void.”

Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement and that it was null and void.”

But Dre is rejecting her claims and says he never expressed any shame about the deal and he never tore up and documents relating to the deal. And as far as he and his lawyers are concerned the agreement is still valid.

Kanye West’s song #Golddigger comes to mind.
Babe has really struck gold. But then, it couldn’t have been easy being married to a real gang/rapstar for 24 years!

Dre’s net worth

Forbes estimates that Dr Dre’s net worth is somewhere around $800 million after he sold Beats by Dre to Apple in 2014 for $3 billion. Dr Dre originally made his money from his record labels which saw him become a very rich man. Dre makes money for his works as a producer, but he also still does perform as a rap artist from time to time.
Dr Dre also owns about $80 million in real estate in Los Angeles alone.


Health Matters: What To Do If Suddenly You Are Unable To Pass Urine

It is amazing how some of the physical ailments we often encounter can be alleviated by very simple steps and actions.

I saw the following account on a forum I belong to and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Someone could find the information useful:

This is the experience of a famous allopathy doctor on account of a medical article. He is in his 70’s and an ENT specialist. It was astonishing to listen to one of his experiences which he shared.
That morning one day he had a problem on waking up. He had an urge to pass urine but for some reason he was unable to do so. At an advanced age some people face such a problem some times and if they try two or three times they may succeed. He tried repeatedly but nothing happened. His continuous efforts didn’t bear any result. Then he realised there is a problem.

Although he is a doctor he is no exception to such physical problems as he is also made of flesh and blood like everyone else. Now his lower abdomen became heavy and he was unable to sit or stand and was suffering from the pressure buildup. Immediately he called up a known urologist on the phone and explained his situation. The Urologist replied “I am at present in a hospital in the outskirts and I will be at a clinic in your area in one and a half hours. Will you be able to withstand it for that long?” He replied, “I will try”.

At that instance he received an incoming call from another allopathy doctor, a childhood friend. With great difficulty the old doctor explained the situation to his friend.
His friend replied, “Oh, your bladder is full and you are unable to pass urine. Don’t worry, do as I suggest and you will be able to overcome it”.

And he gave the instruction, “Stand up and jump vigorously. While jumping lift both your hands as though you are plucking mangoes from a tree. Do that 15 to 20 times”.

What? ? ?

With a full bladder he wants me to jump?
Though a little sceptical the old doctor tried it. What a relief to him when within 5 to 6 jumps urine started passing. He felt overjoyed and thankful to his childhood friend for solving the issue with such a simple method which otherwise would have required an admission to a hospital where they would have inserted a catheter inside the bladder, injections, anti-biotics etc etc etc resulting in a bill over thousands of Dollars in addition to physical and mental stress for him and his near and dear ones.

This is not a proven medical procedure and other than the account of the unnamed author, we have no scientific verification of the effectiveness of this action. However, we are suggesting this as a first-aid action for anyone who finds themself in the situation before medical intervention is sought. BJ



Chase TV Show Quizzer Splits From Wife As Open Marriage Fails

This story will give a warning sound to people in unconventional relationships that –  contrary to what is always maintained, the so called open marriage or relationship does not always work, as one partner is bound to get jealous at some point.

Others simply harbour feelings of resentment towards their partner but chose to keep quiet in order to respect the agreed terms of the relationship.

But the silence does not always last and at some point, their true feelings regarding the situation are expressed.

This often leads to the break down in the relationship.

The Chase star Mark Labbett recently split from his wife after their open marriage failed to work, AOL has reported.

The 55-year-old TV quizzer and Katie, 28, have been married for seven years and have a three-year-old son together.

Labbett, known on the quiz show as The Beast, told The Sun On Sunday that “it’s got to the point now where I realise it is better for us to go our separate ways and remain friendly”.

He said the couple spent the past 18 months trying to make their unconventional marriage work after Katie told him about an affair.

“When Katie first came clean to me about her boyfriend, I’d had an inkling,” he said.

“But right from the start, my attitude was quite pragmatic – this was spilt milk, what could we do about the situation to make it OK?

“We had a family. We couldn’t just throw that away lightly. There were other considerations.

“But Covid provided the perfect storm. My mental health suffered and the differences in our ages became magnified.

“It’s got to the point where I realise it’s better for us to go our separate ways and remain friendly, without the stress factor of living together.”

Katie said: “I want everyone to know what’s what and that we are all happy. I just want Mark to be happy.”

The pair previously revealed that they discovered, after getting together, that they are second cousins, but “it wasn’t something we were aware of at the time”.

Labbett’s agent David Hahn said in a statement: “We can confirm Mark and Katie have split but will not be making any further comment. “

Culled from AOL News

Manchester Slay Queen Celebrates Birthday With Naked Guests And Strippers (Videos)

When Manchester slay Queen Abimbola Sonde decided to celebrate her birthday party, she did not opt for an owambe with Aso ebi. No that would not swaggerlicious enough for her.

She did not chose a respectable garden party- that will be too boring

She decided to have an hedonistic orgy where her guests were half naked and openly cavorting around, with nude strippers both female and male, some of them walking around with erect penis on show!

One video even shows her being treated to a blow job on the dance floor in front of all her happy guests.

I am not one to judge people’s choices but this takes liberty to a new level.

Warning: Contains graphic images some may find vulgar and offensive.

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Don’t be shortchanged. Demand your rights, make a fuss.

I don’t know if it is the Ijebu woman in me, but I have learnt to always make a fuss, and raise complaints where customer service has failed.

This week alone: I demanded and got a refund of £1.49 from a major food outlet after an order arrived without the pot of coleslaw I included in my order.

I got from a company, a refund of £22.49 I paid for express delivery when the item arrived 1 day late

I got a (good will) charge cancellation from my gas supplier after they failed to process payment which I made at the point of booking a repair job. 1 month later they threatened me with debt collection. So I made a counter complaint and got the entire charge written off!

Many of us simply sit back and accept whatever these service providers throw at us without complaining.

The other day I was at an African restaurant with some friends who ordered suya. What they got was boiled pieces of meat with dry pepper sprinkled on it. At the same restaurant, a different occasion, my friend ordered Nkwobi which is meant to be a delicacy made out of chunks of succulent cow leg skin in the sauce but what we got was chunks of bone and very little skin.

The least we can expect for our hard earned cash is reliable service, items paid for and goods fitting the provided description.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 became law on 1 October 2015, replacing three major pieces of consumer legislation – the Sale of Goods Act, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations, and the Supply of Goods and Services Act. It was introduced to simplify, strengthen and modernise the law, giving you clearer shopping rights.

Product quality – what should you expect?

As with the Sale of Goods Act, under the Consumer Rights Act all products must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described.

The rules also include digital content in this definition. So all products – whether physical or digital – must meet the following standards:

  • Satisfactory quality  Goods shouldn’t be faulty or damaged when you receive them. You should ask what a reasonable person would consider satisfactory for the goods in question. For example, bargain-bucket products won’t be held to as high standards as luxury goods.
  • Fit for purpose  The goods should be fit for the purpose they are supplied for, as well as any specific purpose you made known to the retailer before you agreed to buy the goods.
  • As described  The goods supplied must match any description given to you, or any models or samples shown to you at the time of purchase.

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