COVID 19 Palliative Items found hoarded in Oba of Lagos’ Palace

Tons of palliative items such as thousands of bags of rice, cartons of noodles and other such items were found in several stacks in a storage unit at the palace of the Oba of Lagos HRH Rilwan Akiola.

The hoard was revealed after hoodlums raided and attacked the palace following the #EndSARS protest that had rocked the State.

Following the shooting by soldiers from the Nigerian army of peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate on Tuesday hoodlums went amok across the state attacking and setting fire to several centres of commerce and media houses in Lagos. TVC TV station and the building housing Nation publications were set ablaze. Also attacked were the NPA building and the Oriental Hotel in Lekki. Several police stations and banks were also destroyed by arson attacks

There is no time like the present to rethink fundings for institutions of higher learning – Femi Gbajabiamila

The speaker of the Nigerian Federal House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila has spoken of the great and pressing need to rethink Government spending on the country’s educational institutions.The speaker made this statement while addressing the house during the first session after the resumption of legislative proceedings. He reiterated the need to return the nation’s institutions of higher learning to citadels of superior education.

He further promised to address the issue of police brutality with the drafting of new legislation that enables systems to hold erring police officers to account for their conduct in the performance of their duties.Gbajabiamila also told the House that the 2021 budget will not be signed off unless adequate funding is made for education and for police.While conceding that steps taken so far by the government have not been sufficient to satisfy the demands of the agitators, he said the protesters have raised their voices for a righteous cause and those voices have been heard. He called on them to move their agitations from the chaos of the streets to a round table for discussions on the way forward and asked them to not allow the protests to be hijacked by troublemakers seeking to cause chaos.This statement will some a level of victory for the #EndSARS protesters as some of the points listed in their demands presented to the federal government were addressed in the Speaker’s statement. Nevertheless it remains to be seen if the government is serious and honest enough to actually carry out their various commitments and address all of the demand made by the agitators.

Sanwoolu declares 24hrs curfew in Lagos State from 4pm today

Meanwhile the Lagos State Government Babajide Sanwoolu has declared a 24 hour curfew throughout the state. This the Governor said was to prevent the breakdown into anarchy and chaos, and to prevent further threats to life and property as a result of the ongoing Endasars Protest.He expressed his concern that the peaceful demonstrations have been hijacked by criminals and miscreants who are hiding under the protests to unleash mayhem on the state.There have been several acts of arson, looting and attacks throughout the state and a few police stations around Lagos have been set on fire.

Nigerian Army Threatens Peaceful Protesters With “Decisive” Action

Nigeria’s army said it’s prepared to help the authorities maintain law and order, amid ongoing protests against police brutality that have left at least 10 people dead.
According to reports appearing on several broadcast platforms this morning, “The Nigerian Army is ready to fully support the civil authority in whatever capacity to maintain law and order and deal with any situation decisively,” This came from the army’s spokesman Colonel Sagir Musa.
The emailed statement warned that “all subversive elements and trouble makers must desist from such acts as it remains highly committed to defend the country and her democracy at all cost.”

The statement signals a potential escalation in the standoff between protesters and the government of Africa’s biggest oil-producing nation. While most previous protests in Nigeria have been quashed by the security forces, this time round the government has prohibited the use of force against marchers, ordered the release of all arrested participants and disbanded the controversialcontroversial Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

The government’s approach so far may have been prompted by the scale of the demonstrations — the largest in a decade — and widespread defiance against measures instituted to try and quell them.
However the threat of military involvement could prove counterproductive as this is the very kind of high-handed response the protesters are highlighting.
Nigerian soldiers are widely known for the harassment and terrorism of civilians, many of whom have been victims of extra judicial beatings and other corporal punishments over matters such as a senior army officer being cut off in traffic or a man caught up in a love triangle involving a soldier.
One must wonder just what kind of action the army will consider “decisive” enough.
Will this action involve the use of firearms, tear gas, and army tanks?
Is the world about to see another Tiananmen Square massacre repeated in Nigeria?

In 1989, hundreds of peaceful Chinese student protesters were killed after the army was called in to quell the protests.
The protests erupted on Oct. 5 after a video purportedly showing the killing of a civilian by the anti-robbery squad was shared on social media. Demonstrations have taken place in the capital, Abuja, the commercial hub of Lagos and the oil hub of Port Harcourt, among other cities.
The hashtag #EndSARS has trended on social media, with Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey highlighting the protests in a tweet on Wednesday.

Buhari rejects army’s request

Meanwhile President Buhari has rejected Army Chief Buratai’s request to deploy soldiers for the #EndSARS protests.
The Nigerian leader has been weighing multiple solutions as citizens press on with their demands.
President Muhammadu reportedly expressed reluctance on the account that such approach could backfire.
Mr. Buhari said heavily armed soldiers with a directive to open fire should be the last resort — if at all they’ll be considered — because of the spontaneous and elaborate nature of the ongoing pushback against decades police brutality, according to a presidency and two military sources briefed on the matter Wednesday night.
Our sources said Mr. Buratai and some of his generals are increasingly furious that #EndSARS protesters have refused to stand down.
He sought the president’s permission to deploy soldiers to disperse protesters and take over demonstration grounds in Lagos and Abuja, a senior administration official told the Gazette shortly after 11:00 p.m.
The official said Mr. Buhari fear that the protests could grow bigger if any attempt is made to use soldiers to violently suppress it.
“The president is wary of escalating the situation,” our source said. “He does not want this to backfire because there are many locations that protests are holding across the country.”
Chief of staff Ibrahim Gambari was amongst those who advised the president against troops deployment.
On Sunday, police chief Mohammed Adamu announced immediate abolition of the special anti-robbery squad, a police detective unit whose decades of corruption and ruthlessness sparked the world-famous hashtag.
He also announced a new unit Special Weapons And Tactical Squad (SWAT) that would replace the defunct brutal SARSQUAD.
But the protesters have declined to end the campaign until at least five fundamental issues that border on citizens’ rights and restitution to thousands of SARS victims.
Top government and security appointees of the president are allegedly seething and “now itching” to do something immediately.
Their desperation followed several advises that they have given the president over the past week; including some which rule out any form of law enforcement intervention.
A military source said the president and his key insiders are reluctant to take a straight position because they are still learning to understand the main actors of the protests.
“The president may still be asking for time to better understand the protesters first,” a military brass-hat told the Gazette. “But the president recognises that these categories of protesters are not the same as members of the Shiite sect.”

Ogun State Government Gifts Big Brother Winner N5m Cash And 3-bed House

The winner of the Big Brother Naija 2020 Lockdown, Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba has been appointed a Youth Ambassador of Ogun State.

A statement by the state Governor Dr Dapo Abiodun confirmed the appointment in addition to gifts of a three bedroom house and a cash totalling N5million.

The governor relayed the development when he played host to the winner known as Laycon in his Oke-Mosan office in Abeokuta last week.

According to the Governor, the appointment and gifts are a celebration of Laycon’s good character, intellect and virtues which were proven to the whole world on live TV as better choices than vices.

The governor described the reality TV show winner as a proud son of Ogun State, who displayed the essence of focus in the face of temptations and provocations. This is the true Ogun State spirit, and it indeed confirms that this earned him his academic achievement at the University of Lagos, the governor added.

“Entertainment and academics”, Hi Excellency continud, “mix finely for a good result. So I urge parents to let their children explore outside the classroom”

In conclusion, he said. “We are therefore now finalising plans to establish in Ogun State, an Entertainment Village for artistes and artists to nurture their skills and talents”.

Dr Abiodun further extolled the qualities of Ogun State Youths describing them as a blessing.

Ooni Of Ife Welcomes Royal Male Child

News reaching us from Ile Ife reports that the Ooni’s wife Olori Naomi Ogunwusi has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Although yet to be confirmed, this news would mean Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi finally has a male child who can, one day become king.

The Ooni’s previous royal marriage to Queen Wuraola ended without any offspring, and his first marriage produced a female child.

We join Nigerians in congratulating His Royal Highness


Win prizes to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary

Nigeria Sentences 13 Year Old Child To 10 Years In Prison For Blasphemy

The sentencing of this child — 13-year-old Omar Farouk — to 10 years in prison with menial labour is wrong” UNICEF

13 year old Omar Farouq was convicted in a Sharia court in Kano State in northwest Nigeria after he was accused of using foul language toward Allah in an argument with a friend.

He was sentenced on August 10 by the same court that recently sentenced a studio assistant Yahaya Sharif-Aminu to death for blaspheming Prophet Mohammed, according to lawyers.

The sentence has been condemned by the Child rights agency UNICEF as “wrong”.

Peter Hawkins, UNICEF representative in Nigeria said “It also negates all core underlying principles of child rights and child justice that Nigeria — and by implication, Kano State — has signed on to.”

Farouq’s punishment is in violation of the African Charter of the Rights and Welfare of a Child and the Nigerian constitution, said his counsel Kola Alapinni, who told CNN they filed an appeal on his behalf on September 7.

Alapinni told CNN he or other lawyers working on the case have not been granted access to Farouq by authorities in Kano State.

He said he found out about Farouq’s case by chance when working on the case of Sharif-Aminu, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy at the Kano Upper Sharia Court.

“We found out they were convicted on the same day, by the same judge, in the same court, for blasphemy and we found out no one was talking about Omar, so we had to move quickly to file an appeal for him,” he said.

“Blasphemy is not recognized by Nigerian law. It is inconsistent with the constitution of Nigeria.”

The lawyer said Farouq’s mother had fled to a neighboring town after mobs descended on their home following his arrest.

“Everyone here is scared to speak and living under fear of reprisal attacks,” he said.

Culled from CNN

Nigeria Launches Survival Fund For Small Businesses

The MSME Survival Fund was launched Monday 14th September 2020

The N75 billion Fund is part of the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan stimulus program to support 1.7 million self-employed persons and medium to small businesses across Nigeria.

The Sustainability Fund committee was set up by President Buhari and will be chaired by Vice President Yemi Oshibajo.

It is hoped that the fund will be able to help a total of 75% female owned small businesses and businesses owned by people with special needs 

The fund will also offer payroll support to 500,000 vulnerable MSMES in meeting payroll obligations for employees earning between N30,000 to N50,000 per month. This assistance will be met for 3 months.

Registration for Payroll Support begins on 21st September 2020

For more details on the fund, please visit