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Declutter Your Network, Filter Out The Chaff From Your Life

Not everyone you know is meant to be in your life.
At any point in time, many people will flow into your life but many of them will leave just as quickly as they came.
Some you will block out. Others will leave on their own accord.

But those who are meant to be there, will never go away.

No one CAME into this world with anyone. But some are heaven sent & appointed to be in your support network.

Ordinary folks who will be the only ones who will have that particular thing you need at any particular time. Could be provision of encouragement, words of comfort, custodian & keeper of your secrets, rescue from a sticky situation including but not limited to financial crises, connections with or introduction to other cause helpers…
The list is endless.

No man is an island. No one is meant to stand alone. We are all created to inter-connect with others and be each others helper.

But people are specially appointed for specific roles…and sent into the lives of specific person(s).
And each of us have our own specific Personal angels, Destiny helpers, God sents.

Learn to recognise yours…. and
be grateful for them.

But you must also filter out the wheat from the chaff in your life. Those who really have nothing to offer you or anything positive to add to your life.

Such people are only around for what they can get from you: good/fun times, juicy gossip about other people and pieces of valuable information that they can use against you in future. Remember, these set of people can wine, dine and even pray with you. But when your chios are down, they will be the first in line and in the front row to scream “crucify him/her”!!!

These are simply “fair weather friends”

Get rid of them now. You don’t need them and you can never rely on them. Your secrets are like common commodities in their hands. Up for sale to any bidder.

And any help they render you, you will pay back – with great interest.

Other fair-weather friends will simply lay in wait, quietly out of sight. But at the first whim of your troubles – they suddenly come to life!

They are the Judas Iscariots, the Peters (before his repentance) the Tobiahs and Sanballats. Frenemies.

No-one needs them. But we all have them. Weed them out today.

Declutter your network and eliminate the dormant presences…so they don’t occupy the valuable space meant for valuable people.

Or quietly ferment in your life and eventually poison it with their toxicity.


You just could not make this up.

Two women in Germany are in hospital with broken bones after a threesome with a man went badly wrong.

The first woman suffered broken bones in her feet and legs after she toppled 10ft from a balcony.

It is believed moments before the fall the two women had been arguing about their respective positions in the three-way interaction.

Her friend screamed and ran down the stairs to help her, slipped, and broke bones in her arm and neck.

Paramedics arrived at the apartment in Breisig where the man explained what had happened.

A newspaper commented on the incident: ‘They better try bondage next time.’

Police said the female victims of the sex game gone wrong were both naked.

They added that the man in the threesome told them that ‘during the lovemaking, there was a positional quarrel’, with one of the ladies leaning against a balcony railing which led to her plunge.

Police added that it was an accident and that no charges will be pressed.

The names and ages of the victims ‘will not be released to spare their embarrassment,’ added police.


A 37-year-old Ugandan woman, living in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District, outside of Kampala,  has made world record for having 38 children.

According to the Daily Monitor of Uganda, the woman identified as Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye had her last baby via Caesarian section in December 2016, after which doctors cut her uterus from inside.

She has had six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruplets and single births. Ten of these are girls and the rest are boys. The oldest is 23 years old while the youngest is four months.

“I did not know I was being married off. People came home and brought things for my father. When time came for them to leave, I thought I was escorting my aunt but when I got there, she gave me away to the man.”The Monitor  said she was married at the age of 12   in 1993, to a man who was 40 years old.

In 1994, when she was 13, Nabatanzi gave birth to twins. Two years later, she gave birth to triplets and a year and seven months after that added a set of quadruplets. This, she says was nothing strange to her because she had seen it before in her lineage.

“My father gave birth to 45 children with different women and these all came in quintuplets, quadruples, twins and triplets,” said the woman, who is called by fellow villagers as Nalongo Muzaala Bana, “the twin mother that produces quadruplets”

Dr Charles Kiggundu, a gynecologist at Mulago Hospital and President of gynaecologists and obstetricians, said it was very possible for Nabatanzi to have taken after her father.

“Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate (releasing multiple eggs in one cycle), which significantly increases the chance of having multiples; it is always genetic,” he explained.

The doctor told Nabatanzi that she could not be stopped then because she had a high ovary count which would eventually kill her if she stopped.



“Having these unfertilised eggs accumulate pose not only a threat to destroy the reproductive system but can also make the woman lose her life,” Dr Ahmed Kikomeko from Kawempe General Hospital explained.

“I was advised to keep producing since putting this on hold would mean death. I tried using the Inter Uterine Device (IUD) but I got sick and vomited a lot, to the point of near death. I went into a coma for a month,” she said.

At the age of 23 with 25 children, she went back to hospital to try to stop producing more babies. “I was checked in at Mulago Hospital and advised to continue producing since the ovary count was still high.”

A Uganda County Councillor Samari Musenero said Mariam Nabatanzi from Kabimbiri village, about 50 kilometres north-east of the capital Kampala, had all the children with the same man.

“The woman is struggling to support her offspring because she receives no financial assistance from the father of the children,” the politician said.

He explained that politicians from the district had mobilised government funds to provide Nabatanzi with maize seeds to plant.








Nashville, TN | An 87-year-old former postman has been proven to have fathered over 1,300 illegitimate children after a private investigator hired by a Tennessee family discovered the shocking truth.

The investigation that has gathered thousands of DNA samples and testimonies over a 15-year period ultimately proves the man is the father to literally thousands of illegitimate children in the region.

“Contraception wasn’t very popular in those days,” he told local reporters in his defense. “I have nothing to be ashamed of. The 60s were the good old days and I did a great Johnny Cash impression which played out real good with the ladies,” he explained. “Some even thought I was Johnny Cash for real,” he recalls laughingly. “I don’t know if they really believed it or if they were trying to convince themselves, but who was I to say no to a quickie?” he acknowledged.


Unraveling the truth

Private investigator Sid Roy never could have imagined a simple gig would end up in a 15-year quest for the truth.

“It all started in 2001 when two different men that had nothing to do with each other hired me to find their biological father. I was astounded after further investigation to realize they both originated from the same person. That is when the mystery started unraveling and it became a personal mission of mine, whenever I had some free time, I’d try and track down other testimonies. Eventually, DNA testing became really cheap and easy to use and helped me gather a lot of information in the latest years,” he acknowledges.

No lawsuit in sight

The private investigator says the children of the old man don’t intend to pursue any lawsuit against the old man.

“Most people who are aware of the truth don’t want this information to get out and have given anonymous testimonies,” he explains. “The truth unleashed could break up hundreds or more families and that’s definitely not the point of all these years of research. All I know is that most people are glad to know the truth and don’t bear any grudge against the old man, I guess it was a more common practice in those days,” he acknowledges.

Although DNA testing and testimonies point out to over 1,300 illegitimate children fathered by the retired postman, Sid Roy believes there could be many more. “I’ve spent 15 years of my own personal time into this, I think it’s enough,” he admits. “But my research clearly shows there could be many more children,” he told local reporters, although he declined to comment if the numbers were in the hundreds or thousands more.




An Indian woman has had a live 1-inch-long cockroach pulled from her skull after she woke up with a headache.

She had woken up suddenly in the middle of the night with pains in her head which had an itchy, scratchy feel to it.

The 42-year-old woman, who lives in a village outside of Chennai, India decided to visit the hospital, Stanley Medical College. She complained to the doctors of having a severe headache and difficulty in breathing.

A doctor conducted an endoscopy to determine the source of her pain. At first he didn’t see anything. Then he did – the legs of some kind of creature. Woman had live cockroach pulled out of her skull “We didn’t know what it was,” M.N. Shankar, professor and head of the Ear, Nose, Throat Department at Stanley Medical College said. “We didn’t know whether it was a wasp, or some other insect. Slowly, we had to pull it out.” The cockroach was pulled out with the help of suction machines and forceps over the course of 45 minutes. It was about an inch long and still alive. It had been in the woman’s body for about 12 hours. Her respiratory problems immediately ceased.

Watch video procedure of how the cockroach was pulled out:


“The cockroach had burrowed into the roof of the nose, almost near the skull base, which is the dividing point between the brain and the nose,” Shankar said. “It was quite unusual.” It was also potentially dangerous.

Shankar said if the cockroach had remained in the woman’s head, it would have likely died. That might have caused an infection which, if it spread through the body, would’ve killed her.

Physicians at the hospital have removed worms and flies from people, but this was the first time anyone remembers pulling out a cockroach. The scariest part of all this? Shankar said there’s really no good way to prevent this from happening. CNN


Source: CNN


A video has emerged that apparently shows a prostitute stuck to an elderly client who died on her.

Hidden under a blanket, the footage is purported to show the prostitute on top of the man while still attached at the genitals.

The video was first posted on Miaopai – China’s version of YouTube – before it was put onto Liveleak.

The exact circumstances of what happened and how the pair came to be stuck together in such a way are unclear.

Man died during sex with prostitute who had to be surgically removed from him

They were taken to hospital where it is believed they were separated before his body was taken to the morgue.

People have previously become stuck together during intercourse through something known as penis captivus.

This is where the vagina clamps down on the penis – a rare occurrence that normally rights itself once things have calmed down a bit.

Source: The Metro


A Salvadoran fisherman who survived 438 days lost at sea is now being sued by his dead shipmate’s family over allegations that he ate the man in order to stay alive.

The family of Ezequiel Córdoba, who was reported to have starved to death months into the ordeal, is seeking $1 million, reports Fox News Latino, citing El Diario de Hoy.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga — the world’s longest surviving castaway — has repeatedly denied the accusation.

In November 2012, Alvarenga set sail in a small fishing boat from a coastal town in Mexico with  Córdoba. He’d agreed to pay the 22-year-old $50 for the planned two-day fishing trip.

Instead, the men ran into a massive storm and seemingly vanished. More than a year later, Alvarenga washed ashore, alone, on an atoll in the Marshall Islands, some 6,700 miles away from where he went missing.

The story Alvarenga, 37, told in the wake of his rescue — surviving on raw fish, turtle blood and his own urine — was nothing short of incredible. After some initial doubts, officials said his account checked out.