After eighteen years of marriage, are Celine Dion and Rene Angelil getting divorced? It’s always been rumored that Celine’s mother disapproved of her daughter’s marriage to Rene, considering their 26-year age difference. I mean, what mother would be happy about that? However, her wishes may have finally come true since it’s being rumored that Celine and Rene are on the verge of getting a divorce.

According to the National Enquirer, Celine and Rene were spotted out and about with a ‘visible chill’ between them, and Celine wasn’t wearing her wedding ring for the first time in public. Sources close to the friends and family also state that it’s been common knowledge that Celine and Rene were going through a separation period, and it certainly looks like that separation might have turned permanent. Of course, anybody would try to make an 18 year marriage work, whatever it took. But eventually, everyone stops fighting, and from the report, it looks like Rene and Celine have stopped fighting to make it work.

Fitting really, when you consider how difficult it was for Celine’s family to accept Rene as the husband to such a young woman. It may have been a little creepy, especially back in the day, but Celine purportedly loved him, and that was enough. But now, if that chemistry and spark has gone away, what’s keeping them together?

There’s also the fact that with such a massive age gap between the two, there was obviously going to be a distance that developed over time. Apart from the fact that they are both rich, they really don’t have much in common.  And with Celine’s busy career, it’s not always easy to prioritize family and marriage, something she’s alluded to in the past

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