XFactor judge Cheryl Cole’s soon to be ex husband Jean-Bernard Versini is demanding a £3m divorce settlement. Just last week, it was said that he wouldn’t dream of taking money from his wife Cheryl.

But now it seems the pair are battling over their marriage secrets with The Sun reporting on Sunday that while she wants a gagging order on her estranged husband, and he wants the massive payout for the privilege.

In an attempt to divide their assets after 18 months, it’s been claimed that JB has been suggesting ‘ridiculous figures’ for the settlement, leaving her ‘terrified’ for her £20m fortune.

Cheryl passed on the pre-nuptial agreement at their July 2014 wedding, which would have protected her royalties – something the source suggests Jean-Bernard has ‘vastly overestimated’.

She seems yet more worried that the intimacies of their short-lived relationship will be leaked, or worse sold, when they’re finally granted a divorce.

A second source added to the paper: ‘Cheryl is terrified that JB will try to cash in on their relationship.

Lawyers have put forward divorce papers which include a requirement that Jean-Bernard does not talk publicly about their marriage.’

While there is no reason to believe that either party has anything to hide, MailOnline has been advised that there is a confidentiality clause included in any divorce, as standard.

A spokesperson for Cheryl refused to comment and all efforts to contact Jean-Bernard for comments have been unsuccessful.

Previously, the divorce was expected to set Cheryl back £8M after she admitted that she acted with her heart and not her head in their whirlwind romance. Secrets: Cheryl is thought to be trying to stop JB from revealing anything about their relationship after the marriage has ended

‘It was my heart and my head. I’m not an 18-year-old, I’m a 31-year-old woman and I know what I’m doing. I’m doing what makes me happy and that is what is right for me,’ she said at the time.

Though a conflicting report that emerged immediately after it was finally confirmed that they would end the marriage, insisted JB was adamant he didn’t want ‘a penny.’

The Daily Mirror reported that the entrepreneur was said to just be ‘happy to end things quickly and amicably’ and wouldn’t dream of taking money from his wife of 18 months.

On Saturday, it was alleged that Jean-Bernard had been hiding his playboy past from Cheryl – who he met in January of the year they married – all along.

One Sunday newspaper claimed that he had exaggerated his wealthy upbringing and businessman credentials and even changed his name before he met her.

He responded to the claims in an Instagram post that day, which read: ‘Talk about me all you want I couldn’t care less ! don’t talk about my dead parents that were irreproachable and amazing if you would have done your homework you would know.’ A brave face: Cheryl has begun to put a brave face on the speculation surrounding the fallout of her second marriage

Cheryl has begun to put a brave face on the heartache of her second failed marriage, being seen celebrating her best friend Kimberley Walsh’s hen do with friends on Friday night.

Source: DailyMail

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