Chief Olusegun Osoba has spoken on the issue of the recovered 15b and declared it an indication that EFCC is working with bloggers.
The former Ogun State governor, was palpably irritated when he said, “The whole thing is a total disgrace of the highest order and there’s a total display of sordid incompetence.

A whistleblower should have told them the owner of what he’s blowing the whistle on. EFCC too should have taken the trouble to monitor the place and catch whoever owns it red-handed. I say it is a disgrace because a body claims to have recovered a huge sum of money and within three hours, they touted four names as the owners.
“It was first Muazu. Muazu denied and said he was not the owner and in any case, Muazu is not in the country. They now went on to Esther, and Esther denied. Then, they went to Anenih’s daughter and that one too denied. Then, then said it was Amaechi and Wike now came out of the blues to say it is Rivers’ money. I cannot believe that a serious body would run itself into such a situation, where its credibility is being questioned. I am really not impressed at all.
The 77 year old former managing director of the Daily Times newspaper said “EFCC has made the mistake of confirming that the internet bloggers are their agents because all these names were being touted, not by major newspapers but internet bloggers, who are not themselves in any way professional. EFCC has to go and search itself, clear its name and stop this trial by the media.
“I say this because of the recent happenings. For instance, up till now, we don’t know the owner of the N49 million found in Kaduna. Did the money fall from heaven like manna? You went to a market and you said you found N250 million and so what? Are we not a cash society?

Do we politicians not throw money around and pay cash to our agents during campaigns? Does that turn us into money launderers? During elections we pay our agents cash. We don’t send money to them by bank transfer or cheques. Nigeria is still largely a cash society. It is not a big deal at all. There’s no law that says it’s a crime to keep cash in your house.

“To compound it all, two major agencies of government – NIA and EFCC – started to wash their linen in the public, giving the impression of lack of cooperation. NIA now lays claim to the money and we are yet to have the reaction of EFCC. It is a disgrace to our country that two sister agencies are now working against each other with inadequate cooperation. I feel ashamed as a journalist that the information coming from our agencies is through the bloggers.”


**Chief Osoba served as the Executive Governor of Ogun State in 1992 – 1993 during the Sheu Shagari administration. He was removed from office by the Sani Abacha military coup but he was elected back into power following the return to democracy from 1999 – 2003 under the Alliance for Democracy (AD) political party.

Someone should tell the Chief that without “bloggers”, many of the atrocities being committed and covered up by our politicians would actually not have been made known to the public. It seems that Chief is more upset that the widespread code of secrecy that shrouded the clandestine activities of our ruling class is no in place like they were in his days and it is thanks mainly to the work of internet reporters and in some cases, bloggers, that many of these crimes are being uncovered.


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