Earlier today the embattled senator Dino Melaye today appeared at the National Assembly in what is supposed to be his Graduation gown.

The lawmaker who has been facing questions about whether or not he graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria took the hilarious step to mock those who have been circulating the information that he did not complete his education at the University, following the statement made by the institutions current VC to the Senate’s standards committee claiming that Dino did actually graduate in 2000.

However, those in the know will not fail to notice that the regalia is far from being a first degree graduation gown, is actually a PhD holder’s gown.

Also, those that did actually graduate from any high institution of learning will be aware that no one is allowed to keep the gown after graduation. The outfit is returned to the authorities immediately after the graduation ceremony.

Looks like this stunt has backfired spectacularly!


Last night he took to social media with a recording of himself mocking his accusers and sending what can only be interpreted as a message of threat to his subordinates who dared cross him.



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Do our leader see themselves as role models? Have our leaders abdicated their responsibility of role models in favour of cash or power incentives?
Do we have any African/Nigerian role models worthy of emulation? What can we do to reverse this poverty of credible role models in our community?

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