A doctor is under investigation after taking a selfie while appearing to be delivering a baby and then posting the image to social media.

The graphic photo shows a doctor wearing a face mask and flashing a peace symbol, while examining her with her right hand as she is preparing to deliver the baby. Other medical staff are pictured in the background.

It was taken at the Johor Bahru Hospital in Malaysia, where the country’s Ministry of Health is now investigating the image, according to the Malay Mail Online.

This photo was posted to social media and went viral before receiving backlash from users

This photo was posted to social media and went viral before receiving backlash from users

Johor Health and Environment committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat was reported as saying the doctor and hospital had already been identified.

“Such actions by a doctor is unacceptable and we will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible,” The Star quoted him as saying.

He said it was the first time such a case had been reported in Johor Bahru.

 He warned medical staff to not misuse technology, and stressed such actions were not condoned, especially concerning patient.

Dr Seri Subramaniam promised quick action in response to the image

The doctor, believed to be in her 20s, was blasted on social media for not respecting the patient’s privacy.

Some social media users had urged others to stop reposting the image in order to protect the patient.

Between the profile it was originally posted on and the page it was shared to on Facebook, the photo received thousands of ‘likes’ and shares.

Many of the comments expressed outrage that the image had been taken and put on social media.

The Star reported she had been working at the hospital for three years as a medical officer.

An investigation was underway and a course of action yet to be decided.

Hospital administrators were waiting for an investigation by a medical ethics panel before deciding if the doctor should be fired or fined, it was reported.

The country’s health minister, Dr Seri Subramaniam, promised quick action to punish the doctor for the photo.


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