Edo State House of Assembly Becomes Object of Ridicule As Disenfranchised Members Set Up Alternative House In Private Home

Nigeria’s politics is thrown into further ridiculousness as lawmakers who broke away from the main house of Assembly in Edo State set up an alternative House in the home of PDP gubernatorial candidate Pastor Ize Iyamu.

This came after the purported impeachment of the Speaker, Rt Hon Frank Okiye

The Southern State of Nigeria has been rocked by a series of political turmoil ranging from toxic infighting among the ruling party APC which saw the current governor Obaseki decamp to rival PDP following acrimonious disagreements with the party chairman Adams Osiomole, also a former Governor of the state who has since been removed from office.

The “new House” which has since been declared illegal, also sworn in a new “speaker” Hon Victor Edoror


Pastor Ize Iyamu is a twice-failed candidate for the seat of Edo state Governor and is contesting the post for the third time at the elections coming up in September 2020. The “Pastor” is a close ally of Osiomole and a joint arch enemy of the outsted Obaseki.


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