In yet another demonstration of service provider EE’s record of woeful customer service, a customer who got frustrated on the phone received an email with the profanity.

EE customer Carpenter Charlie Doherty, 18 had been trying to make a telephone payment but forgot the answer to one of the irritable security questions that were being fired at him. He said he got angry and frustrated and said something rude to the call handler which he regretted and immediately apologised for. Afterall, who tries to make things difficult for you when all you want to do is make a payment

But he couldn’t believe it when seconds after hanging up, he received an email saying

“Hi, This is an email confirming your order with EE has now been cancelled and any refunds required have now been raised,” it read. “Same to u ur a f*****g c**t.”

Charlie said he was shocked and couldn’t believe that someone representing a major company could actually sit down and compose such a correspondence to a paying customer.

Charlie Doherty

EE is horrified, and have since apologised, and says  ‘appropriate action’ is being taken against the employee concerned.

But the company does have a poor record of customer service, even though no reports have yet been made of them swearing at customers.  I am myself a customer of EE and I have been on the receiving end of their terrible ways of dealing with customers and customer complaints.

Just two months ago, the company was fined £1 million by Ofcom over its handling of customer complaints – one of the highest fines the regulator has ever dished out.

Jummy Ariyo

September 2015

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