The grieving father of slain Virginia TV reporter, Allison Parker spoke yesterday about his family’s deep sense of loss and threw a direct challenge to President Obama to do something about gun ownership in America.

He appealed directly to the President in his TV interview with the BBC saying that he will have the full support of the press behind him as it is one of their own that has been killed.

Andy Parker who told the BBC reporter that his soul had been crushed by his daughter’s killing while doing a job she loved,  reminded President Obama how he successfully tacked difficult issues like Obamacare, The war in Iraq and gay marriage when many didn’t believe he could and urged him to take the bold step to impose stricter control on gun ownership. He also reminded the President that the lives of many Americans are being taken needlessly under the outdated gun ownership rights and stated that it is time the law was changed to protect innocent Americans.

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Andy  Parker speaking directly to President Obama pledged his full support and availability to any program or scheme the President decides too initiate towards gun control and said he won’t rest until it’s more difficult for people with mental issues to purchase guns.

Allison Parker who had just turned 24 was shot to death along with her cameraman Adam Ward, 27, while conducting a live TV interview on WDBJ7 station in Moneta, Virginia by a disgruntled former work mate.

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