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This is something that will appeal to Nigerian businessmen, sportsmen and anyone who could be considering relocating their family to the United Kingdom.

TDI Parker specialises in helping clients and their family to become UK residents on the 3 year fast track Entrepreneur Visa route.

In 2008 the UK Entrepreneur Visa was introduced as one of the point based system (PBS) routes into the UK

PBS offers non EU investors and their family an opportunity to qualify for residence in exchange for a minimum investment of £200,000.00 and the creation of at least 2 full time jobs over a three year qualifying period.

This is a route that has in the past been taken advantage of by Footballers, Russian Oligarchs and Chinese or Indian citizens wanting to make a home in the UK.

TDI Parker helps their clients experience a totally seamless transition from international migrant to full UK resident.


Each stage of the application and migration process is carefully and specifically tailored to the client’s needs and requirements. Right from the initial one to one consultation to the full UK Residency, TDI Parker’s dedicated Client Relationship Managers and Investment Advisers are on hand to help their clients settle and succeed in the UK.

One to One Consultation

Clients specific requirements, expectations and time lines are identified and discussed. Each family has different content and needs – such as educational needs for the kids, presence of step kids and parents and each is looked into according to individual criterion. They will help you ensure that all necessary criteria and requirements are met such as the availability of personal maintenance a of at least £3,310 and £1,890 for each dependant that must have been in the applicant’s account for a qualifying period of 90 days prior to application.

During the consultation. TDI Parker will recommend a list of suitable businesses that meet the visa requirements.

TDI Parker carries out all hands-on set up including business location search, shop fitting project management, staffing and training, marketing, business launch and day to day business management.

They also help in searching for suitable schools for the children,

Key features

  • Fast Track UK residency

  • Residency after 3 years (not 5years)

  • Personalised service package

  • Entire family relocation and not just applicant

  • No experience required

  • Building UK property portfolio

  • Business set up and management

According to the CEO of TDI Parker, Andrew Jason, only the services of top notch Mayfair lawyers, American expert tax advisers and accountants that can navigate around complicated cases and smoothen the entire process for their clients are used. Their consultation fee which covers services such as agency fees, business set up and homes search, ensures that their clients get top notch tailored service unlike a Peckham or Hackney based lawyer.

Andrew assures their clients that with the proviso that all necessary requirements and paperwork are in place, visas can be ready in as little as 8 weeks.

Andrew stresses that the beauty of the Entrepreneur Visa Programme is that kids can be enrolled in UK schools or Universities and by the time of graduation, their residency is already in place which means that they have the option of going on to work in the UK as the right to work comes naturally with residency. However, the business that the £2000,000 was invested in should normally pay for itself and the client could make their investment back in three years

 Andrew Jason

 *Andrew Jason – CEO TDI Parker

 He however advises that interested clients move swiftly and act as immigration looks to be a big issue on the agenda of any incoming government following the UK elections later this year. This means that after May 7 2015, the program could be tightened or scrapped entirely although applications that are already in the system will not be affected by any changes..

TDI Parker is located right in the centre of the City of London at

16 St Martin Le Grand.

St Paul’s London


and can be contacted on phone on +44 207 993 2251

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