Vineyard Ministry Training’s mission is based on Ephesians 4:12 to equip the saints in the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ

They work with Leaders to accomplish their ministry Vision by providing training and development for church workers.

Whilst leadership know the word of God, can pray and preach, training and developing workers in many cases may be overlooked or ignored. Lack of training can affect desired outcomes. Since 95% of the work is carried out by unpaid volunteers it makes sense to train them to support ministry for growth.

VineyardMinistrytraining offers Training for church workers/volunteers including:

· Administration Courses and Systems Implementation

· Usher Meeter Courses

· New Leader Training

· Customised Training

Deaconess M Obaseki
Deaconess Obaseki

The Founder of Vineyard Ministry Training Deaconess Obaseki, has a background in H.R. Project Management, Training and Development. As a Deacon and labourer in the vineyard, she’s served in many departments as a leader, gaining an excellent all round knowledge of church operations. She’s also aided General Overseers and Senior Pastors to support their strategic vision.

Deaconess Obaseki is also the host of the #vineyardshow on which addresses different aspects and challenges of running a church. She’s the author of 3 Books (How to be a GREAT Christian Leader, How to be a Christian, How to be a great Christian Usher Meeter, Greeter). Deaconess has been married to a Pastor for over 3 decades, so she has 1st hand experience of the challenges in ministry! (252 words)


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