It seems that any one in the Western world who fritters away their fortune and falls on bad times now have a ready culprit to blame – Nigeria.

Wimbledon legend Boris Becker lost a huge part of his £100 million fortune and has blamed dubious investments in Nigerian oil firms. Although no specific firms or individuals have been mentioned in relation to the alleged deal, one would think that someone as sophisticated as Becker would have a team of lawyers check out the firm before making such heavy investments in it. But then, what do you expect from a Wimbledon champion who had sex with a hotel maid in a broom cupboard!

German news magazine Der Spiegel – claims he made investments in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, and at one point considered a single investment of more than $10m (£7.6m).

It also alleges he had extensive links outside the world of tennis that ranged from African leaders to Laxmi Mittal, the Indian steel billionaire, and was seen as some one who could facilitate business deals.


Becker had his luxury Masseratti towed aftet failimg to pay illegal parking fines in West London last month

The magazine claims it has seen details of a single investment of “more than $10m” in Nigerian oil prepared for Mr Becker by Forbes & Manhattan, a Canadian investment bank and a former associate of the tennis player. Forbes & Manhattan did not reply to a request for comment.

It said documents showed that in July 2013 Becker held shares in an oil and gas firm in Nigeria. But the investments tanked after the alleged firm plunged in value and last month he was declared bankrupt. John Briggs, Becker’s lawyer, told the London court: “He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances.”


Becker, now 49, was once estimated to be worth upwards of £100 million. He was declared bankrupt over undisclosed sums owed to London-based private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co since 2015.

His remaining assets will be disposed of to pay creditors. Among earlier cash woes, Becker was landed with divorce and paternity settlements in 2001 totalling more than £20 million – to his first wife, Barbara, and Angela Ermakova, the Russian model who had his baby after a brief encounter in a London restaurant.

The next year Becker received a two-year suspended sentence for tax evasion. He was ordered to pay £2.5 million in back tax, fines, and costs after claiming Monaco as his main residence while mostly living in Munich. And in 2011 a Dubai property development to which he lent his name went bust.



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