French Schools To Ban The Use Of Mum And Dad In Favour Of Parent1 Or Parent2

The words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ couple be replaced by ‘Parent 1′ and Parent 2’ in all French schools.

The French government has started the legal process to make the change in a bid to avoid offending same-sex parents.

However the move, which would see mum and dad removed from all school forms, has angered many people.


Valérie Petit, who tabled the amendment to the Schools of Trust law, said: “No one should feel excluded from this society by backward thinking.”

The new phrases would appear on school forms.

Other MPs agreed with the change and it passed its first reading last week, reports Mail Online .

French schools want to ban the traditional mum and dad saying it offends same sex parents

This paves the way for it to be made law, and it is expected to pass the second reading tomorrow.

The amendment reads: “To prevent discrimination, school enrollment, class registers, parental authorisations and all other official forms involving children must mention only Parent 1 and Parent 2.”

However the idea has angered many, with education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer saying it was a legislative overreach.

Alexandre Urwicz, President of the Association of Homo-parental Families, told local news outlets: “At first, we welcomed the amendment because, technically, it allows our families to be included in forms that previously did not allow it.”


**Hope they won’t bring that nonsense to the UK

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