There are fears more than 100 people have died in the Grenfell Tower blaze after London’s fire chief announced that they aren’t expecting to find any more survivors.

Commissioner Dany Cotton said it would be a “miracle” to find anyone still alive in the charred shell, adding that there are still “unknown numbers of people” still inside the building.

Seventeen  people have been confirmed dead as families make desperate appeals for loved ones who have been missing for more than a day.

Nearly 80 people were treated at six London hospitals, including 17 who remain in critical care.


Residents were trapped in their flats when the fire broke out at the tower in Latimer Road, North Kensington, shortly before 1am on Wednesday morning. One local community leader fears nobody on the top three floors survived.

Witnesses described terrifying scenes as residents jumped from their flats and parents threw their children out of windows in a desperate bid to save them – with reports a baby thrown from the sixth floor was caught. Some used ropes made from knotted bedsheets to escape the flames and smoke.

Heroic firefighters who battled intense heat in the desperate rescue of people from the Grenfell Tower blaze will be offered counselling to help them cope with the trauma of what they saw.

Hundreds of London’s firefighters battled through flames and thick smoke – many running up stairs as families fled – in a heroic attempt to save those trapped in their homes.


And fire commissioner Dany Cotton says the brave crews will be offered counselling to help them cope with the tragedy.

He said: “I’m more concerned longer term about the mental impact on a lot of people who were here, people saw and heard things on scale they have never seen before.

“Going forward one of my main concerns about my firefighters is about their mental well being , and about doing trauma and care counselling for them.”


The cause of the fire is not known at this stage, says the London Fire Brigade.

Meanwhile the PM  Theresa May paid a private visit to the scene of the disaster this morning and artist Adele attended a Virgil held at the scene last night

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