Health Matters: What To Do If Suddenly You Are Unable To Pass Urine

It is amazing how some of the physical ailments we often encounter can be alleviated by very simple steps and actions.

I saw the following account on a forum I belong to and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Someone could find the information useful:

This is the experience of a famous allopathy doctor on account of a medical article. He is in his 70’s and an ENT specialist. It was astonishing to listen to one of his experiences which he shared.
That morning one day he had a problem on waking up. He had an urge to pass urine but for some reason he was unable to do so. At an advanced age some people face such a problem some times and if they try two or three times they may succeed. He tried repeatedly but nothing happened. His continuous efforts didn’t bear any result. Then he realised there is a problem.

Although he is a doctor he is no exception to such physical problems as he is also made of flesh and blood like everyone else. Now his lower abdomen became heavy and he was unable to sit or stand and was suffering from the pressure buildup. Immediately he called up a known urologist on the phone and explained his situation. The Urologist replied “I am at present in a hospital in the outskirts and I will be at a clinic in your area in one and a half hours. Will you be able to withstand it for that long?” He replied, “I will try”.

At that instance he received an incoming call from another allopathy doctor, a childhood friend. With great difficulty the old doctor explained the situation to his friend.
His friend replied, “Oh, your bladder is full and you are unable to pass urine. Don’t worry, do as I suggest and you will be able to overcome it”.

And he gave the instruction, “Stand up and jump vigorously. While jumping lift both your hands as though you are plucking mangoes from a tree. Do that 15 to 20 times”.

What? ? ?

With a full bladder he wants me to jump?
Though a little sceptical the old doctor tried it. What a relief to him when within 5 to 6 jumps urine started passing. He felt overjoyed and thankful to his childhood friend for solving the issue with such a simple method which otherwise would have required an admission to a hospital where they would have inserted a catheter inside the bladder, injections, anti-biotics etc etc etc resulting in a bill over thousands of Dollars in addition to physical and mental stress for him and his near and dear ones.

This is not a proven medical procedure and other than the account of the unnamed author, we have no scientific verification of the effectiveness of this action. However, we are suggesting this as a first-aid action for anyone who finds themself in the situation before medical intervention is sought. BJ