High Speed Car Chase Involving Teenagers Ended By Armed Police

Four teenagers had to be dragged from their car by police at gun point after a high-speed chase through London. Footage filmed by passers-by show the moment their Audi convertible attempted to ram its way through stationary traffic. After police officers armed with automatic rifles penned them in, they were forced to smash the windows with their weapons and then drag the youngsters out to the street.

They were wanted in connection with a robbery at knife-point on Friday. But when officers attempted to stop the vehicle on Saturday morning, the group fled, sparking a 10-mile chase across London.

The incident began in Enfield in North London, but the Audi was not finally stopped until it got caught in traffic in Loughton in the east of the city.

Footage shared widely on social media shows the black Audi trying to force its way through stationary cars waiting at traffic lights, crashing into several, while police try to stop it without being run over.

After they became pinned between a car and a lorry armed police arrive on the scene.

All four including 2, 14 year old girls, have now been arrested and remain in custody. The girls were arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and allowing themselves to be carried in a vehicle taken without consent.

From The Independent

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