I excerpted the following from a report of an interview a top PDP member recently had with reporters.
Abdullahi Hussaini Maibasira, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national youth leader in this interview with Michael Abimboye, was asked about PDPs role as opposition party:


REPORTER: Your party is now in opposition but many Nigerians think it is not doing well in the role and have called for the emergence of a new party which will check the excesses of the APC. Why is your party not performing its opposition role perfectly?

ABDULLAHI: Our role as opposition is emerging, it will get better and with much humility, perfection is providential. I believe that the party is in a State of transition – from a party conversant with the role of governance to one faced with being in opposition. For a party that has been in government since inception, am sure you would agree with me that the unexpected change in role will require both strategic and structural adjustments which cannot just be immediate. But we have made real progress and we will continue to make progress.




Shouldn’t then the same consideration and patience be applied to the current party in government who have only been in opposition since inception with little experience of governance with our President who when last in Government, many of us where still in secondary school?
The PDP and its army of wailing supporters cry foul and make all kinds of noise over the performance of the current government, closing their eyes to the myriad of progress and changes to corrupt practices that have been effected in just less than a year while firmly focusing on the few lapses and errors – yet they expect us to forgive their blatant inadequacies and worse still, brush off the gigantic thefts, pilfering and widespread looting that formed the greater characteristic of their entire 16 years in government!
Talk about hypocrisy and double standards!

Read more: https://www.naij.com/764271-pdp-national-youth-leader-makes-shocking-revelation-2019.html?utm_campaign=traqli&utm_source=traqli&utm_medium=traqli&source=traqli



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