Star Wars actor John Boyega has refused to move to Hollywood saying: “I’ll stay in London.”

The 24-year-old, who played Finn in The Force Awakens admitted he loves returning home to Peckham, South East London so he can eat local food.

He said: “There is no need to move to LA. I will stay in London. This is my home. I’ve been to LA and spent lots of time in LA.

“I like going back and forth. But I like being here because of my family and friends.

“Sometimes I get a bit hungry and I want the home-grown food so I just put on a big hat and go to Peckham.”

John insists he leads a normal life but doesn’t use public transport anymore.

“There are two sides to my life,” he continued.

“You break it up. There is your personal life which is normal. My life is very normal. But I don’t use buses, I drive. I like to drive my Audi A1.

“I really don’t feel like a massive star. I really don’t, and the more you don’t the better. I’m just happy working.”

But the talented rising star who won the Best Newcomer Award at the Jameson Empire Film  Awards last weekend has admitted he might use quotes from the blockbuster to pull women.

Speaking at the Jameson Empire film awards, he said: “I really don’t get more attention. I’m quite disappointed with that.

He added: “My dad is a minister and he thinks what I’m doing is cool. He wants me to be like Bruce Willis.

“He says: ‘When are you going to be like Bruce Willis and blow stuff up.’ I say ‘that’s coming dad’.

“I would love to work with Denzel Washington as well. He’s a brilliant actor.”

John caused controversy at the Screen Nation Awards on Saturday when he said complaining about the lack of diversity in the film industry was not helping.

But he admits it’s important to speak your mind adding: “I think people are at a sensitive time in the world at the minute and it takes someone to speak their mind to give a different perspective.

“We can’t continue in one mind set with one conversation. It’s always good for people to speak their minds.”

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