For some reason I cannot really explain, the former Girls Aloud singer and XFactor judge has never really been one of my favorite celebrities.

I however, have come to admire her for her tenacity and drive over the years rising from a unknown contestant on a TV show in 2002, to being a part of a highly successful girl band. And then of course to being appointed to the Judging panel of one of the worlds most successful and most popular TV shows. At just 33, she has accomplished what many of her peers both male and female can only dream of .

I also love her exotic grace and beauty which undeniably, have been major tools that haVE helped her get to where many of her band mates have not. Over the years, Cheryl has fronted campaigns for major brands such as L’Oreal and graced the cover of several major magazines.

Yes as a singer, she has released a number of tracks that I actually like but she is no Beyonce or Adele. Yet she is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most loved sweethearts.


I was initially taken back when the news broke that she was in a relationship with boy band One Direction‘s Liam Payne who must have been 15 and she 25 when they first met in 2008 when he auditioned on the show Xfactor.

That is a huge age gap by any standard between the two of them. And with Liam being so young, I was really sceptical of the relationship and honestly speaking – I still have my reservations. And it is not just about the age gap – but mainly Liam’s age. Is he matured enough to handle the complexities and intensity of such a serious relationship with someone that much older? Will he not tire of having to grow up and play catch up with his much older partner so soon in life? Does he have the right sets of experiences to deal or cope with a woman who at 33, has been there and done that including with 2 men whom she married and divorced? Will he be able to adequately hold down and play the role of protector in the relationship that women crave from the man they are involved with?


Her 2006 marriage to England footballer Ashley Cole was much publicized and that included the often salacious stories of cheating and infidelity in Ashley’s part. It couldn’t have been easy for her being faced regularly with the cheap recounts of the women who willingly and willfully entered into adulterous relationships with the very obviously married man Ashley, only to turn around and tell their stories to the tabloids for nothing but money.

I felt nothing but admiration  for Cheryl when following a brief period of separation from Ashley after the first stories broke in 2008, she decided to take him back. Many advised against such a move claiming that Ashley will never change. But she refused to listen to them and the couple reconcilled.

However, He proceeded to prove a lot of people right as an unrepentant cheat when barely two years of reconciliation, more stories of his infidelity came out. Also reports emerged that Ashley had been romping with at least three women while he tried to woo her back. She left him and the couple finally divorced in 2010.

A heartbroken  Cheryl dallied between one short relationship to the next with names such as Will.am, dancers Tre Holloway and Derek Hough featuring on her list.

Then came the news of her secret wedding in 2014 to Frenchman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini following just 12 weeks romance. Many heaved a huge sigh of relief including Cheryl’s “father” Simon Cowell who had given the restaurant owner his sign of approval by reportedly planning a business venture together as the two got on so well. Unfortunately, that marriage barely lasted 2 years before Cheryl separated from Jean and later filed for divorce citing her husband’s unreasonable behavior and blaming him for her dramatic weight loss caused by stress. However, by the time the divorce was granted, it had become public knowledge that she was already seeing Liam payne.

The two have now been together for over a year and both welcomed their baby boy on Mothers day 2017.

In spite of the gaping age difference between them, Liam does seem to make her really happy so much that she opted to make a home with him and have a baby with him – ironical really as this never happened with any of the two men she was married to..

Liam has gone on record to call her his “dream woman”and for one so young, he does seem to have a great deal of maturity in him, hence the success of the relationship so far.

No one knows what the future holds. No one.

But what we do wish and hope for Cheryl is that she has at last found a love that will last and stand the test of time. And if anyone does deserve it, it is Cheryl.

We are happy for our Ches. Congratulations!


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