Impotence Pill Found To Reverse Heart Failure

DRUG used to treat erectile dysfunction could successfully tackle heart disease too, scientists say.

Cialis, similar to Viagra, can raise a man’s potency in bed – but it may lower the risks of suffering a fatal heart attack, it’s claimed.

Researchers at Manchester University have found that sheep who suffered from heart failure and were given the drug showed vast improvements.

The tests could lead to further experiments that may prove a long-held suspicion in science that impotence drugs have heart-healthy benefits.

Prof Andrew Trafford, who led the research, told Scientific Reports that although the drug – whose scientific name is Tadalafil – appeared to work, the reason why is not yet clear.
He said: “The little clinical data we had suggested that in some patients with this particular kind of heart failure the drugs were very effective at alleviating symptoms, but the mechanism was unknown.”


Viagra was initially developed to treat heart disease – but was re-purposed when trials showed unexpected results among blokes.

Cialis is not available over-the-counter and takes longer to work than Viagra – but its benefits last longer.


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