They’re the couple everybody is watching with bated breath.

And, if all the tell-tale signs are correct, there’s good reason to believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be getting engaged in the very near future.

In fact, although nothing has been confirmed by Palace officials, insiders close to the pair believe the 32 year-old royal will pop the question imminently.

Specifically, they predict he’ll put a ring on it by the end of the year.

So, here’s our guide to the giveaway signs that the country’s most eligible bachelor is about to get down on bended knee.

Prince Harry could be about to propose, insiders say

That public kiss

After shunning public displays of affection, Prince Harry and Megan were recently papped sharing their very first public smooch – at the polo, of course.


Granted, it was just a brief flash of passion, but that locking of lips symbolised something much greater: they’re amping their romance up a notch.

And, when you consider that it was likely a long-pondered move, it suggests there’s a long-term future.


Career re-brand

As a relatively successful actress who’s career is on the rise, you’d think Megan would be capitalising on her current casting as Harry’s beau.

But, despite being at an apex of attention, it seems her on-screen presence has suddenly gone a bit low-key.

In fact, she seems to be branching out into philanthropy, which is rather random considering she’s never bothered before.

In a recent article for Time magazine, she was described as an ‘actress and humanitarian’.

Meeting the family

She hasn’t met The Queen, but Megan has been formally introduced to other members of the Royal Family.

Specifically, the roll call includes Harry’s father – Prince Charles – and Prince William, who are the obvious choices.

She’s also been in the company of Kate Middleton and their two children at Kensington Palace, where they reside.

Megan has similarly been spotted with Princess Eugenie, with whom she is said to be ‘very friendly’.

Social media silence

Why would somebody with 1.6 million Instagram followers – and an additional 374,000 Twitter fans – be so meek on social media?

While most actresses are full-time self-promoters, Megan has gone virtually AWOL from her accounts.

This time last year she was regularly sharing superficial pictures and silly status updates, but that’s inexplicably fallen by the wayside.

She’s posted just four pictures and seven tweets, this year – each with a political or charitable angle.

She also recently shut-down her lifestyle blog The Tig.

The nation is waiting with bated breath for another Royal wedding

Royal bodyguards

According to a report on MailOnline, Meghan’s security in the U.S. and Canada has recently been upped with private security guards.

They add that Royal protection officers are on-hand whenever she’s out with Harry and that his PA, Clara Madden, ensures Meghan travels in a chauffeured car.

The brunette beauty is also said to be cleared for security access to Buckingham Palace, which might just be a direct blessing from The Queen herself.



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