There really is someone for everyone. Only make sure the person you’re with is the person made to be with you. Your relationship will be based first and foremost on a deep friendship built on mutual likeness, trust, admiration, respect and physical attraction.
When you’re with the wrong person, you will always struggle in the relationship and you will never feel in sync with each other.
Communication will always be stilted and you will never be fully comfortable with each other.

But with the right partner, you will always be able to speak on all subjects and on different levels with each other. You will never be bored in each other’s presence and even when you are apart, you will be securely confident they are thinking about you as you are of them.

You may not always see eye to eye on issues, but you will definitely be able to fully respect each other’s opinion without resorting to veiled insults and patronising behavior. You will see your partner as an equally intelligent being with sometimes differing views.

Also, when you are with the right partner, you will never be able to hide or even with-hold anything from them. You will find it easy to open up to them and there won’t be many secrets between you.
The wrong partner will never fully care about you and won’t ever be concerned about your happiness or progress. They will keep you in the dark regarding many of their plans and actions and you will often find yourself an outsider when you are among their circle of family or friends.

To them, you will always be an option that will do until a better option comes along even if it means stringing you along for months or years. You will never be a priority for them and even making the slightest effort or sacrifice for you will be hard, laborious and almost impossible for them. Pleasing you will never be a choice for them.


Being in a happy relationship does not mean that you won’t argue or have difference of opinions or even rows,  but when you are with the perfect partner, settling your differences and making up should not be a problem at all. As a matter of fact, you will find the very thought of your partner being unhappy with you very difficult to bear for the feeling will be akin to you hurting yourself. And your partner will in their own unique way that you must learn to recognise, try to make peace with you.

And saying the word sorry will not be a struggle when you are in sync with your partner.

Many people in the right relationship, will in no time be able share telepathic thoughts and second guess each other even in the partner’s absence.

Special body language, facial expressions and other non verbal communications will be easily deciphered and decoded by the partner  even across  a crowded room.

But the wrong partner will always avoid your gaze – even when you are alone.
You will spend you entire relationship on your toes and being guarded,  for the constant fear of offending them. You will lose your carefree attitude with them and you will never feel at peace.

The wrong choice of partner will definitely affect and possibly ruin the rest of your life.

But the right choice will compliment your life and make you smile always.
They will bring you peace and make you forever thankful.
Remember, the blessings of the Lord makes you rich and adds no sorrow.
Is your partner a blessing to you?

Jummy Ariyo

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