Jailed Rapist Taxi Driver Claimed Victim Fell On Him When His Trousers Were Undone

A TAXI driver has been jailed for raping a woman in his cab.

Ferham Khan was working as a taxi driver in Winchester on September 30, 2017, when he picked up the woman from Broadway at around 1am.

Southampton Crown Court heard how the 33-year-old victim had been enjoying a night out with her friends and, at the end of the evening, called for a taxi to take her home.

The 29-year-old driver from Derby Road, Southampton, believed his passenger had fallen asleep, pulled over in an unknown location and sexually assaulted and orally raped her.

But he tried to defend the attack by saying she ‘fell on him while his trousers were unbuttoned.

The court heard the woman was so scared that she froze.

As soon as police and paramedics turned up, the woman told them of her ordeal.

When questioned by officers, Khan claimed it was an accident, saying that the woman had fallen on him while he had his trousers unbuttoned.

When Khan thought she had passed out through having too much to drink, he called the police and complained that he had an unconscious woman in his car and that he wanted her removed.

Later Khan admitted that was a lie which he had told because he was concerned his wife would find out that he’d had a sexual encounter with another woman.

However, Khan went on, claiming the victim had started touching him first and even suggested sex in return for a cheaper fare.

The judge sentenced the Wessex Cars employee to 12 years’ imprisonment.

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