Jeremy Kyle’s model wife had a ‘passionate affair’ with an England Polo player while the TV star was away in the U.S, it has been claimed.

Carla Germaine, 40, who has split from the chat show host after 13 years of marriage, allegedly began a relationship with 25-year-old James Carr after meeting him during a polo lesson three years ago.

The sports star, who represented England in the sport in 2011, claims the relationship began after they swapped numbers during a night out at Bar One in their home town of Ascot, Berkshire, in March this year.

After sending one another a string of flirty messages, the pair apparently began meeting at Mr Carr’s rented home – which was opposite the £2m gated mansion that Carla shared with the TV host and their children – in June.

The TV prsenter of popular dysfunctional families and relationships show, had moved to produce the US version of the show and left his family behind in the UK.

Kyle, 50, announced last week that he and Carla had been living apart since earlier this summer having ‘sadly grown apart over recent years’.

He added that the pair were determined to ensure their ‘three lovely children’, Henry, Alice and Ava, continued to enjoy a ‘stable upbringing’ in ‘inevitably upsetting circumstances’.

Speaking about the first time they had sex, Mr Carr told The Sun on Sunday: ‘Carla called after midnight asking if I wanted to meet her outside for a cigarette.


*James Carr

‘We had a smoke and a chat and she told me Jeremy was in America. Then suddenly we began kissing. Without talking, I took her hand and led her inside my house.

‘Carla took her high heels off so her shoes wouldn’t make a noise on our stone stairs. We didn’t want to wake my housemates. We started having sex – it was amazing.’

The sportsman, a former student at the prestigious Wellington College in Crowthorne, said the encounters ‘didn’t mean anything’ and they were ‘just having fun’.

But he said that, when rumours of their affair began spreading around their home town, they ‘cut all ties’. ‘There wasn’t even a goodbye,’ he added.

News of the couple’s break-up came after Kyle made a frank admission about the couple’s sex life during his show in June, while interrogating a woman about whether she’d cheated on her partner.

She had declared: ‘Listen, I get sex from [my boyfriend] whenever I want. I don’t need to go and get sex from someone else.’

The TV host snapped back: ‘Tell him then! I’ve had enough talking about it. I haven’t had sex for ages myself.’

Carla, who married Kyle in 2002, is Kyle’s second wife. His first marriage to Kirsty Rowley ended in 1990 after a year together and the pair have daughter Harriet, 25.


*TV Host Jeremy Kyle

Kyle met Carla – then a 23-year-old model – in 1999, after she entered a competition run by the BRMB radio station in Birmingham, where Kyle worked at the time, to marry a total stranger.

As part of the contest, Two Strangers And A Wedding, she was selected to tie the knot with Greg Cordell, a groom chosen by the station.

The competition made headlines around the world and the pair tied the knot in a lavish on-air ceremony at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham before enjoying a prize honeymoon to the Bahamas, a rent-free apartment and a paid-for car for a year.

However, three months later the marriage was over and she began dating Kyle.

The pair ended up being married for 13 years, with Carla supporting Kyle through his operation and subsequent chemotherapy when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012.

He spoke openly about the value of her unwavering support, crediting his wife with helping him through the treatment.

His wife also stood by his side in 2007 when claims emerged that he had enjoyed a fling with a 16-year-old girl, claims Kyle always strongly denied.

Kyle’s representatives declined to comment.

Jeremy Kyle hosts the the hard hitting and plain-speaking daytime talk show weekly on ITV1.
The Jeremy Kyle Show helps the public get to grips with real-life issues, ranging from indiscretions and infidelities to fetishes and flirting, in a show that brings real-life issues and dilemmas for Jeremy to deal with.

But he couldnt deal with his own wife’s indiscretions…..

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