Many who served the Nigerian government for over 30 years and retired as top civil servants are only being paid a measly N27,000…less than £100 a month.
While a few who only served for 4 years in the Senate or as governors are being paid a monthly pension rate in excess of N1,000,000million. And governors from these states will put on the audacity to travel to the UK and preach to diasporans to invest in their economy?
The greedy lot in the hilltop senate houses are unfailingly and religiously paying themselves huge and eye-watering salaries while ordinary Nigerians they are meant to serve are groaning in poverty under the severe punishment of unpaid salaries and pension arrears (my mum who retired as a Level 14 officer in 2005 didn’t get paid a penny of her state pension till 2010 and she is still waiting for the 5 year arrears, while the Federal Government pension and gratuity has not materialised AT ALL).
I had a chat on this issue with my mum earlier this morning and she enlightened me on this painful and sorry state concerning pensioners in Nigeria. Luckily, my mum was able to build a property while still in service and a part of it is rented out to workers. However, many of her tenants are civil servants whose salaries and wages are anything but regular. Still, when they do pay, it does go some way towards her personal expenses topped up by what my siblings and I are able to contribute.
But my mum also told me about some of her former colleagues who were not in the position to build themselves houses while in service. Or even those that did build but have up to 4 job seeking graduates in the house. They, having retired from active service are having to fend for themselves as well as their jobless kids. Many pensioners like these in Nigeria have aged or even died prematurely due to stress related health issues like stroke and high blood pressure or hypertension.
Last month, Governor Amosun of Ogun State held a mega billion naira wedding for his daughter while many like my mum who served or are still serving under his government cannot feed themselves or afford to pay their rent even though they are employed. I looked at the wedding pictures and miserably shook my head for the poor young woman and her husband. Alas, she might be an innocent partaker of her father’s wealth but a partaker she is nonetheless. And the voices of the suffering Ogun State indigenes, including my mother, crying out to God and sending endless curses to Government House at Oke Imosan, will not go unheard or unanswered.
Our governors, senators and others responsible for but seriously and deliberately failing in ensuring the welfare of their people are laying themselves open to seriously shocking wrath in the future.
Those grossly enriching themselves while those they swore to serve are getting poorer and poorer by the day, will have to answer and give account at some point sooner or later. Unfortunately, God’s law says “the sins of the father will be visited upon the children and on the children’s children up to the fourth generation” This means these leaders’ children, grand children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren will also partake in the visitation of God’s judgement when it does surely come.
I was recently told the true but really sad story of a lady who had a boyfriend who was crazy over her while they were both in University in Nigeria. But this lady, was also in a sordid adulterous relationship with a lecturer who had 2 young kids with his young wife. The cries of everyone including this lady’s mother to leave the married man alone fell on deaf ears. Eventually, the lecturer abandoned his wife and their two kids and married his younger lover in a lavish, no expense spared ceremony, rubbing the abandoned wife’s face in their act of wickedness to her everlasting heartbreak and misery and leaving her to cope with two young kids by herself.
They couple had three kids and the family moved to the UK and she became a top Gynecologist in a NHS Hospital trust stationed in Midlands. He was a top surgeon and at his last assignment, he worked in a European hospital outside of the UK and enjoyed the luxury befitting a man in his position. During a short break, the wife as she usually did, took her kids and travelled to spend time with her husband. Unfortunately, a few days into her holiday, a fire broke out in the apartment they were all staying and all of them including the couple’s innocent children perished in the fire.
When I first heard of the unfortunate incident, I like everyone else, was filled with shock and pity and experienced a deep sense of sympathy for the family until weeks later, I learnt about the couple’s history and their joint action from over 20 years ago.
An old Yoruba adage says “Asegbe kan kosi” (not evil act goes unpunished)
There are many people we come across who find themselves in some deeply pitiable situation/condition or the other and we cannot but feel sorry for them. But more times than often, we are also unaware of such person’s past and past deeds. The possibility that our current troubles being a punishment or repercussion of a past evil deed we have committed and assumed we had gotten away with, or our parents/grandparents’ past actions being visited upon us, is very high indeed and delving deeply into our past history can be a great eye opener.
I look at the kids of our politicians today and I feel very sorry for them. Many of them are enjoying the high life from the proceeds of their fathers’ evil accumulation of wealth but definitely, if the Holy Bible is to be believed, there is great sorrow being stored up for them tomorrow.
As for the high convoluting senators, governors and all the other top Nigerian officials outrageously enriching themselves and their families to the deep disadvantage of the rest of the population including old age pensioners, young babies, children and nursing mothers, I repeat the words of one of your colleagues to you “Ajekun iya nbo” (Much sorrow is coming).
Continue in your ways but do remember this – NO EVIL ACT GOES UNPUNISHED.
Olajumoke Ariyo
(Baroness J)

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