In life (particularly Nigerian living)
When someone is performing or has performed particularly bad, some people will never see any wrong in him. Either because they are beneficiaries of the proceeds of the evil practice, out of blind bias or a misplaced sense of loyalty, they will stubbornly refuse to speak up against such evil behavior and even abuse those who do so.
On another hand, when another is doing exceedingly well, some people will never see any good in him. For reasons ranging from negative personal sentiments, race, region or tribal apathy or simple lack of appreciation for good and honourable practices, many will persist in opposition, persecution, faults finding – even where there is none to be found, nit picking at trivial issues and excessive insistence on focusing on past issues and mistakes even when the person is trying all their best to perform better. And even when these people can honestly see that the person is actually performing excellently, shame, embarrassment due to past utterances and fear of what others will say will prevent them for publicly speaking the truth.
These behaviours can be seen in many areas of our community and society – political, social, personal, spiritual etc.
You simply can’t change such people. Best let them get on with it.
Jummy Ariyo

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